Perks of being a Microsoft Customer

Across the world, the name “Microsoft” is well known. Chances are, you utilize more than one Microsoft Product every day, whether it be ERP, CRM, Office, Internet Explorer, or any of their other countless products.

How has Microsoft been able to capture such a large percentage of the market and been able to stay at the top for so long? The answer is actually quite simple. There are so many perks of being a Microsoft Customer, but let’s focus on the Dynamics world.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the world’s largest providers of ERP and CRM, competing with other providers like Oracle and SAP. What Microsoft offers that the other providers just don’t is an avid user following, large conferences around the United States and the globe, and partners in all 50 states plus around the world. Dynamics gives you enterprise level software with the personal touch of local support and the ability to interact with users outside of your organization.

If you are a Dynamics ERP user, chances are you have heard of “Convergence”.  This annual conference, held in the US, brings over 12,000 partners, customers, and ISVs together to learn and share ideas about Microsoft business applications. This conference gives Dynamics customers the ability to learn, network, and gain powerful insight to help grow their business.

In addition to this large conference, there are several other smaller events throughout the year. The Annual User Group Summit brings together Dynamics GP, AX, NAV, CRM, and SL customers to attend training sessions and hear the top leaders in the industries speak about business applications. Also, some Microsoft partners, such as KTL Solutions, hold their own User Conferences. Like KTL, they invite their customers and potential customers to come together and learn more about the products from the people who know their systems the best; their partner.

Apart from all the events, local support, and notoriety of Dynamics ERP, another perk is the product itself. Dynamics ERP has been around for quite some time and has proven again and again that it is a reliable product. Microsoft is constantly enhancing their ERP products using the latest technology all while listening to the end users. Often, one will see that new features in the latest releases are exactly what the end users have been asking before. In the latest release of Dynamics GP, a new feature offers the ability to select a different printer at any stage. When this news was released, the cheers from the crowd at Convergence could be heard all around the greater Atlanta area.

Many larger ERP organizations like Sage, Epicor, SAP, etc. have lost sight of what Microsoft emphasizes; a personal relationship with their customer. The perks of being a Dynamics customer are simple. Microsoft gives their customers local partners, training/learning events around the country, and the peace of mind knowing that their products are reliable and can withhold the test of time.

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