Payroll Round 3 US Payroll Tax

The long awaited round 3 U.S. Payroll tax (table only) update has released.

This is supported for versions GP 10.0 and GP 2010.

The January 2011 Round 3 U.S. Payroll Tax Update contains tax table changes for the following states and territories, it is all inclusive of prior tax table updates:




Puerto Rico

Once you install the update, under Tools | | Setup | System | Payroll Tax, the last tax update date will be 2/25/2011.

This is live on the automatic tax update site for 10 and GP 2010 customers as well as tax update pages will be live shortly.

Next to release:

US Payroll Round 4 tax update in March

This will be a tax table update and a code update to include

– Oregon
– 941 Form changes
– Federal Tax Liabilities List 941 amount will be understated.

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