PaperSave Version 6.0 – Document Management at the next level

I have been involved in a new PaperSave implementation utilizing the newest version of PaperSave – PaperSave Version 6 and I wanted to provide a summary of my findings.  In PaperSave version 6, they have added several new features and have further taken advantage of the browser-based technologies.  Overall, I was impressed with the product and I think it would be a good addition to any ERP system.

What is PaperSave?

PaperSave is a document management system that interfaces with Dynamics GP.  It captures and stores documents electronically in a central repository on the SQL server through the use of Drop Points.   After the document is captured, accounting reviews the document and populates custom data fields to help identify key information pertaining to the document, such as Vendor, Transaction amount, GL Distributions, etc.  Accounting then may route the documents through an approval workflow.  Once the document is fully approved for entry into Dynamics GP, accounting pushes the document into Dynamics GP.  This will associate the electronic document with the Dynamics GP transaction so that the electronic document may be accessed whenever the transaction is accessed.

What are some of the new key features in PaperSave version 6?

Email Drop Point:  PaperSave now has added the ability to capture documents through an email drop point.  In previous versions of PaperSave, you could capture documents from file folders, scanned images, or drag and drop items directly into the workflow.  All these methods are still available, but now we can also configure an email address to be used as a drop point.  When an email is sent to the drop point’s email address, PaperSave will process the item adding it to the appropriate PaperSave workflow and move the item from the Inbox to a processed folder.

Browser based workflow viewer:  PaperSave has added a browser-based workflow viewer to enable users to access PaperSave items being reviewed from any device without loading the PaperSave client onto each PC.  The PaperSave desktop workflow viewer is still available, but 95% of the same functionality can be found in the browser-based solution.  This helps minimize IT maintenance, and with the proper configuration, provides accessibility from anywhere at any time.

Mobile based workflow viewer:  PaperSave has added a mobile device workflow viewer that allows users to review and approve items directly from their mobile device from any location at any time.  The user interface is intuitive and provides much of the same functionality as the desktop workflow viewer, but it a different format.  The Mobile-based workflow viewer greatly increases our flexibility and approving efficiency.

After evaluating and implementing PaperSave version 6.0, I feel that this document management solution has a lot to offer.  It not only handles the storage of electronic documents, it processes the routings, associates the document to the ERP transaction, allows for future reporting of the documents history, and is customizable based on the organization’s needs.  PaperSave version 6.0 would be a good addition to any ERP solution.


ANDREW FRASER | Senior Business Software Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant, Andrew is responsible for the implementation and support of CRM, GP, and other Microsoft products assuring that our solution scoping, architecting, and delivery meet and exceed customer expectations. He helps clients analyze their current business processes and provide them with process improvements. During his time at KTL, Andrew has built lasting relationships with clients by understanding their business needs and provided value by leveraging their existing resources. Andrew has more than nineteen years of experience in implementing business software for a variety of industries including service, government, distribution, not-for-profit, and manufacturing.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math with a concentration in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from St. Andrew’s University in Laurinburg, North Carolina.  His experience includes helping companies embrace technology to fulfill their organizational needs and creating innovative solutions using CRM, GP, and other Microsoft products.

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