Modify the look and feel of Dynamics GP by adjusting user preferences

In order to customize the look and feel of Dynamics GP for a particular user, user should log in to Dynamics GP and select Microsoft Dynamics GP from the menu and then choose “User Preferences.”  The following screen will appear.


Horizontal scroll arrows – Utilize this option to pan through long account numbers that exceed the available space.

Default report destination – This option will make the default print settings to the printer or screen.  This is just a default setting. The destination can be changed at the time of printing.

Entry key – Users can utilize this option to change which keyboard key advances the cursor on a form.  The choices are the <tab> key or <return> key.

Default sales doc. type – To select the default document type that appears when creating transactions in sales order processing (SOP), choose from the following options:

·       Quote

·       Order

·       Fulfillment order

·       Invoice

·       Return

Distributed processes – You can use this option to force data processing to be either on your local computer or from a remote computer.

Mapping – This drop-down list allows users to select where/how the MapPoint button will work in Dynamics.

·       Do not display MapPoint mapping buttons – Select this option to hide mapping buttons.

·       Display mapping buttons and use MapPoint local copy – Select this option to display mapping buttons and to use your local copy of MapPoint when a mapping button is selected.

·       Display mapping buttons and use MapPoint on the Web – Select this option to display mapping buttons and to use MapPoint on the Web when a mapping button is selected.

Reminders – The reminder button can be used to set certain activities to create notifications to the user.

Predefined Reminders – You may select the predefined reminders by clicking the check box next to the reminder.  You can further identify how many days before or after a due date or post date to display reminders.

Custom Reminders – Create new reminders and modify or remove custom reminders by utilizing the buttons on the right side of the screen.

Display – Utilize this option to customize the display font colors and font styles for required and linked fields.

AutoComplete – This option allows you to define how many days to keep unused entries for auto-complete, as well as the maximum number of entries to be stored for each field.  Utilize the Remove Entry button to remove all stored entries.

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