Microsoft Dynamics-GP Smart List Performance

Do you have smart list that take for ever to export to Excel? Sometimes even a smart list with just a few thousand rows can take a few minutes to export. Do that a number of times a day and you can be really wasting some time. Well, there is a undocumented DEX.INI setting that will dramatically improve the performance of exporting to Excel.

If you enter the following statement in your DEX.INI, SmartlistEnhancedExcelExport=TRUEyou will see some great improvements. Open the DEX.INI file with Notepad. The DEX.INI file is located in the Data folder in your Dynamics GP directory. Add this line SmartlistEnhancedExcelExport=TRUE at the end of the file and save the file. If you are already logged into Dynamics-GP exit and launch Dynamics-GP again. You will now be enjoying a faster export to Excel from Smart List.

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