Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 4 has been released

Microsoft has release Service pack 4 and is available for download. This is an exciting new service pack that not only resolves issues such as the ones outlined below but also adds new features to the Dynamics-GP system. Extender has some great new enhancements that increases it’s value to the end user and makes it a more productive tool.

Payroll has some significant fixes that anyone using the payroll module should apply as soon as possible.

Service Pack 4 is all inclusive of prior fixes released for 10.0. Attached is the documentation that has a inclusive list of all fixes.

Service Pack 4 will bring the Dynamics.dic version to 10.00.1368

The files will be available at the links below


Human Resources

HR/PR Area Page doesn’t show up first when select navigation button for HR/PR

An error appears stating that the table is locked or another user is editing the batch after posting a COBRA manual check batch

If you posted a COBRA payment, the manual check in Payroll doesn’t have the correct posting date if you are posting by transaction

When you use the browse buttons, you can view all employees, including the employees that you don’t have access to when using Human Resource filters

The mailing address information is incorrect on the VETS 100 form.

If you have marked the Automatically Update payroll benefits and deductions option, the information that is changed during roll down is more than expected.

Benefit and deduction setup is rolled down to Payroll as well as Human Resources.


A payroll lifetime maximum on a deduction is ignored after installing Microsoft Dynamics GP Release 10.0 Service Pack 3

You may see payroll degradation during building checks if you have numerous employees setup in the company

Multiple local taxes don’t calculate correctly for tax-sheltered annuities.

SUTA error – A get/change operation on table ‘UPR_Distribution_WORK’ failed. A record was already locked

Linked deductions are not included in the ACH file when the employee has a garnishment that is included in the payroll build

Garnishment is calculated incorrectly if you use percent of earnings and tips pay codes. 50369

A message doesn’t appear when processing checks if the Include Auto-Settle-Line option is marked in the Direct Deposit Setup window and a checkbook isn’t assigned in the Payroll Setup window.

Canadian Payroll/Human Resource

When the estimated net income and commission percentage are entered in the Payroll Quebec Tax – Canada window, the

Quebec Provincial tax is calculated incorrectly for the commission income.

Position Control

If you select to make a plan current, the position’s year-to-date summary amounts aren’t updated based on the budget scheduled start date for the position.

If you make a pay rate change, you are prompted that a pay code link for the position doesn’t exist.

If you unmark the Enable Position Control in Sample Company option in the Position Control Setup window and restart Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can’t open the Position Control Setup window.


Extension and Advanced Products Service Packs at this location

Advanced Human Resource

Employee Health and Wellness codes may be inadvertently deleted when choosing the clear button.

Advanced Payroll

Transaction Auto Split may overstate employee hours if you use automatic overtime functionality in Payroll.

PTO Manager

PTO Manager does not advance correctly to the next schedule when using accrual by anniversary date with years worked and variable maximums.

Payroll Extensions

Payroll Integration to Payables does not populate the Remit to field in payables when a payroll is posted.

Overtime Rate Manager incorrectly calculates the overtime rate when using a Salary pay code that is not set to unit of pay of annual.

When you void a payroll check it does not affect deduction in arrears transactions.

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