Microsoft Dynamics GP Listens to You – New Features in GP 2018

In addition to Christmastime, there’s one more reason to look forward to December this year – it means we’ll be getting a brand new release of Dynamics GP. On December 1st, 2017, Microsoft will release Dynamics GP 2018 for general availability. With the new release we’ll be getting several new features and tune-ups. I’m excited to see what these will look like, but we’ve already got a sneak-peek thanks to the New Features blog being written by the good guys and gals on the support team over there in Fargo.

From what I’ve gathered, it appears that this version had a heavy focus in implementing user feedback – your suggestions really do count! If you’re a longtime GP user you probably know about the Microsoft Connect site where you can make suggestions for product improvements/tweaks/fixes. Given the impending release date and the announcement of the New Features blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention some of the new functionality I’m most excited for, and why I think they’ll make your life easier as a GP user.



Over the last few releases, Microsoft has been devoting resources to improving the existing Workflow functionality, and it looks like GP 2018 will not disappoint. Not only will we get new reporting capability for the workflows we do have set up, we also get additional workflows to implement, such as GL account (I already know of multiple clients who would use this) or Purchase Invoice. In addition, you’ll have an easier time setting up new workflows, as you will now be able to copy workflow steps. On top of all this, workflows will now have the capability to send automated reminder emails. For any of you who have languished on the wrong end of a workflow waiting for approval, this can be a godsend.


Optimized Financials

This is where the Microsoft Connect suggestions really shine. Simply looking at the list of features, I know that some of these have been out on the Connect site for a while, so it’s gratifying to see Microsoft paying such keen attention to what the users want and allowing that to guide the path of Dynamics GP. These are less groundbreaking new features and more ease-of-use-oriented changes, tightening up existing windows and features. To give just one instance, you now have the ability to roll down changes from the Payroll Setup window to inactive employee IDs. This saves you from having to concoct a workaround, whether via SQL or otherwise, to get these records to update. In another instance, you can now copy user access across Analytical Accounting codes. This will save a significant amount of time when you set up a new user with access to AA. And again, the Purchase Order number will now display on the Requisition List for the requisition originator and send notifications to the originator, thereby keeping the originator automatically updated as to the status of their requisition.


Power Suite Evolution

You asked, GP answered. With GP 2018, Microsoft will be releasing a content pack specifically for GP. When GP 2016 was rolled out, Microsoft also released a plug-in for Power BI, but you were more or less left to your own devices for developing reports and dashboards. With GP 2018, there’s even more reason to start using the great functionality in Power BI, as there will now be a GP-specific content pack to go along with it. In addition, there will now be support for Paging and Filtering in OData Services, as well as OData V4.

These and the rest of the upcoming features can be seen in greater depth.



If you’d like to discuss upgrading to GP 2018, or if you have questions about your existing GP system, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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