Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: Web Client Phase Two

Phase 2 of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 web client is on track for a March/April release. The next phase of the web client will include Human Resources and Payroll as a functional series as the primary purpose of this release.

The web client for Dynamics GP 2013 will be delivered in 5 phases as laid out by Microsoft at the end of 2012.  The upcoming phases include:

Phase 2: US Payroll, Human Resources

Phase 3: Project Accounting

Phase 4: Field Service

Phase 5: Manufacturing

The initial Phase 1 release gave users financial capabilities over General Ledger as well as Payables and Receivables Management, the features include:

  • * Bank Reconciliation
  • *Fixed Assets
  • *Intercompany
  • *Multi-Currency
  • *Cash Flow Management
  • *Customer/Vendor Consolidations
  • *Lock Box
  • *National Accounts
  • *EFT
  • *Refund Checks
  • *Safe Pay
  • *Analytical Accounting
  • *Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • *Scheduled Payments
  • *Direct Debit Refunds
  • *Multilingual Checks
  • *Control Account Management
  • *Encumbrance
  • *Interfund Management
  • *Forecaster
  • *Revenue/Expense Deferrals
  • *Electronic Reconcile
  • *Management Reporter Web Viewer

Distribution features cover inventory, sales order processing, and purchase order processing:

  • *Advanced Distribution
  • *Advanced Picking
  • *Available To Promise
  • *PO Approvals
  • *PO Commitments
  • *In-Transit Transfer
  • *PO Generator
  • *PO Returns
  • *Extended Pricing
  • *Landed Cost

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