Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Offers Valuable Updates and Improved Pricing Model

The specifics of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 — code-named Orion — became clearer at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference presented by Microsoft.  This announcement confirmed the four much anticipated updates to the guided processes: integrated social networking (using Yammer), tablet support for iPad® (and of course Surface) and future integration with MarketingPilot.  Also demonstrated was a new User Interface (UI) that includes navigation support for ‘touch and gesture’ (for tablet and touchscreen support) and fewer clicks and pop-ups, allowing for a seamless experience.

While the updates were interesting and will prove valuable, what really sparked the interest of partners was Microsoft’s presentation of the CRM’s new pricing model and the release roadmap for 2014.

New Pricing Model

Microsoft unveiled a new pricing model for Dynamics CRM 2013 at this year’s WPC.  The current pricing model of $44.00 per user per month will be revamped to offer simplicity, parity, and flexibility between online and on-premise versions.

Dynamics CRM Online will use a tiered approach starting with CRM 2013:

  • Professional: $65 per user per month and will include sales force automation, marketing and customer service.  This is the traditional CRM suite and will be the most popular choice for most customers.
  • Basic: $30 per user per month and will include more limited sales, marketing and service for users who need to manage leads, accounts, contacts, cases and access custom applications or reporting.
  • Essential: $15 per user per month and is intended for users who need access to custom applications developed in-house or by ISVs.

On-Premise CRM Pricing will follow a three-tier model as well:

  • Professional: $984 per user and $787 per device
  • Basic: $342 per user and $236 per device
  • Essential: $79 per user or device.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server is $3938 per instance.

Additional Iterations

Microsoft additionally announced two iterations to CRM 2013 will be released in 2014. The iterations are codenamed Mira and Leo.  Mira will be released during Q1 2014 and will include integration with Marketing Pilot. A connector for Marketing Pilot and CRM has been available to customers, but this update will now make a previously disjointed sales and support perspective work seamlessly.  Leo is scheduled for a Q2 2014 and will include advanced customer service capabilities.

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