Making Your Software Work for You: Dynamics CRM

Part of our job here at KTL Solutions is to show or demo business solutions to our clients. These solutions can range from Budgeting/Reporting, AP Automation, Warehouse Management, to Customer Management software. One of the first requirements we hear from most customers is that they need the software to work for them, not the other way around.

All businesses are unique, and everyone has a different way of conducting business. Established organizations have processes already in place. These processes can be extremely difficult and disruptive to the entire business if they have to change to accommodate a new software solution. More to that point, it does not make sense to purchase a “solution” that requires you to change the way you do business. Software is an investment. It takes money, time, and manpower to implement a solution so at the end of the day it should work for you, not the other way around.

One of the most customizable solutions we offer and highly recommend is Dynamics CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management but one of the things we like to stress to our client is that the “word” customer can stand for anything. You can replace “Customer” with Member, Vendor, Client, etc. Non- profits can use this to manage members and donors. An Autobody can manage customer information and service calls/maintenance.  A professional services company can have their sales team track customer interaction, manage leads, and opportunities.

At the most basic level, CRM manages people. Taking that basic principle we can expand upon it and create a system that can do whatever the customer needs. Through Dynamics CRM you can manage the entire sales process, opportunity creation and close, customer interactions, service/supports calls, and all general customer information. We can manage service calls, member dues, donations, etc. Oh did I forget to mention the marketing module? Yes, Dynamics CRM has a full Marketing component that can track email (opens, clicks, etc.), campaigns, mailers, and so much more! This one system can handle two major portions of your business. This is another key point about making your software work for you. Having one system that can handle multiple areas of your business cuts costs, is more efficient and much easier for users. Also, Dynamics CRM is easily integrated with Dynamics ERPs thus eliminating superfluous data entry and makes for an easy flow of data and information. That is something that is key in all businesses.

How could these very different businesses all use the same software to manage their unique needs? It’s quite simple. Dynamics CRM is so customizable that it can adapt to fit any organization’s business processes. You do not have to adapt your processes to fit the software. This is empowering for users. You can take this product and use it in any way you desire. CRM has the stability of Microsoft and the flexibility of custom development.


MARY CHARUHAS | Junior Business Development/Internal Sales

Mary Charuhas has been with KTL since 2013, starting as a sales intern in the summer of 2013 and moving to Business Development and Internal Sales in the spring of 2014. She is currently pursuing her Associates Degree in Business Management from Frederick Community College and hopes to continue her education at the University of Maryland next spring. Mary also possesses several Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica Cloud ERP Sales certifications. Mary assists the sales team in finding new and exciting opportunities. She also manages KTL’s existing customers through providing them with ongoing knowledge of the products, assisting them with upgrades and continuing projects, keeping them informed about updates/new releases, events, and training opportunities. Her charisma and passion for providing excellent customer service make her a valuable asset to KTL’s sales department.

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