Make the Most of Your CRM System; Engage Your Staff to Engage Your Customers

We are not talking about the obvious such as how much of your budget to spend or about technical considerations, we are talking about what questions to ask and what decisions to make before searching for the Customer Relationship Management system that best suits your organization.

What do you want to know about your customer that you don’t already know now?

Take the time to think about what you want to know about your customer and then evaluate the information your organization is already collecting and determine what may be missing. Looking at reports including marketing campaign results and sales activity is useful as you conduct your evaluation. Essentially, keep in mind that CRM allows you to focus on relationships with individual clients so your organization can improve that relationship by directing resources, energy and attention to the right clients.

How do you expect the system to help you maintain and increase engagement with your client?

By using CRM effectively, it can enrich your relationship with clients. It can help in designing value-added services to engage clients in ways competitors may not be able to do, giving a boost to sales revenue.CRM can integrate with social media to provide an up-to-date total picture of each customer. Social media, in turn, can effectively deliver support services to your clients in a way that is meaningful to them. Moreover, CRM can help you create a customer relationship that demonstrates to your customers how much your organization listens to what they want.

 How can the system be used to identify red flags and alert you to customer dissatisfaction?

Think about how your organization wants to improve your staff’s awareness of customer needs and how they can proactively address concerns and problems. When you evaluate CRM’s functionality look at the ways it can best help your organization improve service delivery processes. CRM’s tools can help your staff make better decisions and enhance customer service which in turn cultivates customer loyalty.

How are you going to keep your data up-to-date?
It is essential to put processes and procedures in place to verify the integrity of your organization’s client information. This means carefully managing and maintaining the accuracy and consistency of data stored in your CRM system. Data quality includes everything from verifying that the contact information is updated to ensuring that new information is entered in a timely manner.

Who needs to have access to the system to read or update?
Carefully evaluate which departments and staff members need access to CRM. Consider how your organization wants to improve the sales process and related processes across your organization that engage with your customers. Essentially, this evaluation needs to look at the long-term objectives of the organization and how using CRM fulfills these objectives. Key to making this happen is successful employee engagement which in turn generates satisfied, loyal customers.
Smart decision-making begins up-front with decisions about business objectives and processes made before making the big decision to buy a CRM system. And by all means, make your CRM system fundamental to your organization by communicating clearly and regularly with your employees so they in turn will enthusiastically engage with your clients.

KATHY MULCAHY | Sr. Sales Executive

In her role as Senior Business Development Executive, Kathy establishes and leads new business sales strategies while building and cultivating client relationships.  She uses her extensive technology products and services sales experience to help organizations locate the right technology solution to more effectively and efficiently manage their business operations.  Her experience includes working with government contractors and federal agencies in the areas of software, information technology, professional services, and telecommunications. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Rhode Island College.

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