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3:45 PM THE END…

We come to a close on another sucsessful User Conference.  We broke a company record with the number of attendees and sponors that showed up to make this event possible.  We learned ways to make your company work more efficently and effectivly in a fast paced buisness world that just seems to be getting faster.  And we learned abou the new technologies that we will be seeing in the future of our industry.

As yet another user conference finds its end I want to take a moment to thank the the team at KTL, our sponsors (AvalaraDi Central,Integrity DataKwiktagReQlogicSalesPad Solutions, and Solver) and most importantly our attendees to this years event.  Without any of you this event would not be possible, thank you for helping to make this year the most successfull yet and we hope to see you next year.


2:50 PM

Get information in to and out of your financial management system – Frank Reese and Barry Crowell, KTL Solutions.

Acumatica: ERP in the Cloud – Steve Hammett, KTL Solutions

Are you manually entering or importing data from one system to another? Frank Reese and Barry Crowell show us how other companies are improving efficiency and reducing errors with automated integrations between their financial and line of business applications.  You may be surprised as how easy the process can be.  Click here for presentation,  2012 Integrations Presentation

Steve Hammett of KTL Solutions show us you can implement a world-class ERP system in the cloud.  Interested in learning more about SaaS (software as a service) ERP software? It’s a new world, but there are tremendous benefits to be had.  Find out what a Microsoft-based cloud-based ERP solution. Click here for presentation, ERP in the Cloud


1:45 PM 

Build Efficiency in Your Organization with SharePoint – Steve Deming, Micrsoft

Management Reporter: Tips and Tricks – Colleen Williams, KTL Solutions 

Steve Demming and Colleen Williams make their way back to the break out rooms for there 3rd and 2nd presenttions of the day respectively.

Steve Demings shows us how organizations are using SharePoint as the central connection point – supporting remote workers and extended communities.  He demonstrates how serving as the central point of contact for collaboration, business intelligence and organizational knowledge, SharePoint continues to evolve. He gives us to tools to make the most of the latest Microsoft tools to transform the way your teams connect. View the presentation here,  Build Efficency in your Organization with SharePoint – Steve Demming

The transition to Management Reporter can be easier than you think.  Colleen Williams shows how to migrate from FRx and make the most of the features of Management Reporter.  Find out what the best new feature in Management Reporter that we all longed for in FRx. View the presentation here, Management Reporter 2012: Tips and Tricks


1:10 PM 

Pivot Tables and Dashboards in Excel 2010 : Use Excel to Analyze Data from Different Angles – Mark Watlock, AdTech and Colleen Williams, KTL Solutions

Build Long Term Relationships with Members and Customers – Chris Kahl, Solutions Architech

Mark Watlock from AdTech and Colleen Williams from KTL come to the front next as they give a presentation on Reporting Tips and Tricks: Excel and Smartlist Builder. They will show you the options and how to determine which tool to use for your reporting job. They will show you how to get the data and reports that you need through the fastest, most efficient process.  To view their presentation click here,  Reporting Tips and Tricks: Excel and Smartlist Builder.

How exactly can you go about creating a culture that supports building long-term customer relationships? Chris Kahl shows us how to centralize customer information, analyze the data to find patterns and trends, and empower your teams to make customer service decisions based on their access to information. All this directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  View the presentation and find out how can keep customers coming back.  To view presentation click here, Building Long Term Relationships with Members and Customers: CRM.



11:15 AM

Pivot Tables and Dashboards in Excel 2010 – Use Excel to Analyze Data from Different Angles – Mark Watlock, AdTech

How the Cloud Changes Everything and Nothing At All -Steve Demming, Microsoft

Are Keynote speaker comes back for his second of three presentations of today.  Steve Demming walks us through the Cloud and how the cloud can change te way we do buisness efficently but not the way you interact with your buisness on a day to day level.  He will discuss differenent Cloud Solution and help you unerstand how the cloud can help your company grown. To view the presentation click here, KTL Cloud Changing Everything and Nothing At All – Steve Demming.

Mark Watlock from AdTech shows you how Excel’s latest Pivot Tables are easier to set up and use. In hi session, we learned how to use the power of the Pivot Table to solve many of your data analysis problems. PivotCharts extend the functionality of PivotTables and help you build dashboards. This is a great opportunity to expand your Excel skills. View the presentation here,   Pivot Tables and Dashboards.


10:45 AM  

Dynamics ERP Fully Loaded – Tim Lally, KTL Solutions

Dashboards – Driving Effciency – Eric Forgo, Solver

With the Keynote session behind us we move on to the first set of break out sessions for this years User Conference sponsored by KTL.  Tim Lally the owner and founder of KTL brings you GP Fully Loaded a complete Dynamics ERP loaded with add-on products that help to streamline tasks and make your team more efficient.  He shows you the most ISV products on the market and how they can increase your company’s productivity.  You can view the presentation here Dynamics GP Fully Loaded.

Eric Forgo of Solver demonstrates Dashboards – Driving Efficiency with Data Visualization.  He shows you how role-based dashboards can put the information in the hands of the people who need it. View his presentation here Dashboards – Driving Eficiency with Data Visualization


10:12 AM – Key Note Presentation

Steve Demmings presentation was amazing, the audience captivated and everyseat full (many having to stand).  He captured the essence of what Empowering the User means as we being another KTL Sponsored User Conference.  You can view his presentation here Download 120517 KTL Keynote – Steve Demming.  Here are some photos of the audience at the keynote presentation.



9:23 AM

The KTL Solutions Empower the User Conference is about to kick off momentarily with the Keynote presentation by Microsofts own Steve Demming.  I would like to thank our sponsors Avalara, Di Central, Integrity Data, Kwiktag, ReQlogic, SalesPad Solutions, and Solver as well as are record setting guest attendance for being here today as we conduct our 7th annual User Conference.  Stay tuned here as I bring you a live view of todays sessions and presentations.

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