KTL’s 10th Annual User Conference: Recap

Can you believe KTL has been throwing a successful and continuously growing User Conference for the past 10 years!? To be honest, neither could we. It’s amazing how our clientele is so loyal; how they and many others want to learn more about the dynamics world that Microsoft has offered. Yes, the beginning idea of this conference ten years ago, was something that KTL thought would grow and hopefully become an annual educational event that we could host for our clients. And it has become that….and much more!

Each year this conference is given, there is always something new. Whether it be adding more sessions, bringing in new experts to speak, or even switching up locations, our tracks are focused on what we, as KTL, can offer. But we try not to limit the amount of knowledge and education of our attendees, so we offer sessions that we can also learn from such as this year, Dr. Cedric Alford gave an amazing presentation on Microsoft Dynamics Marketing or Stephen Deming’s cloud session on Azure’s platform. These are products that KTL uses and has knowledge on, but we wouldn’t call ourselves experts in that field, which allows us to bring in Microsoft’s very own experts.

Another new feature added to this year’s conference was the idea of VIPs. We wanted to offer a more valuable learning opportunity, expand the amount of CPE credits given out, as well as showcase training that KTL does offer but isn’t very well known. Our VIPs were able to have a four-hour training on GP the following day after the conference. With many positive remarks and a successful turnout, we are proud of this new addition and hope to keep it each year. Maybe even offering training in other areas as well.

Each conference we give out surveys so that we know how to grow for the next year. It’s always great hearing back from our attendees and learning from their feedback. How else can we grow if we don’t know what you like or don’t like? I, personally, am extremely excited for next year. Our growing ideas combined with the feedback and support from our loyal attendees has set the standards high and we are excited to achieve them!

ELIZABETH MORIS | Marketing Coordinator

Elizabeth is responsible for the development and management of KTL’s marketing department while designing and overseeing marketing operations and campaign planning. With her creativity and design background, Elizabeth maintains KTL’s branding efforts, marketing plans, social media marketing, and performance improvement strategies. She also manages the consistency and fluidity of different collateral mediums making sure KTL’s main image and goal are continuous. Her specialties include graphic design, content editing, event planning, tracking analytical data, public relations, integrated marketing, social media marketing, and print and web design. Elizabeth is proficient in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office. She attained a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications and Commercial Design from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA and a Master of Arts in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Md.

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