Jet Express for Excel, The New Management Reporter

KTL Solutions wants to keep you in the loop! This is our follow up blog from “Microsoft Announces the End of Management Reporter.”

As many people are slowly finding out, Microsoft and Jet Reports have ventured into a partnership to provide Jet Express for Excel.  Jet Express is an Excel-based, financial reporting tool that will not only allow you to create basic reports in minutes, but also ad hoc reporting that will pull from all GP tables.

Let’s break this down a little further so there is not huge hysteria happening.

Jet Express for Excel allows you to take advantage of your existing Excel’s amazing capabilities. Want to create dynamic financials using a GL report builder? Pull combinations of accounts, categories, budgets, and more? Jet Express can do it all.

Were you bogged down by the inefficiencies of Management Reporter or simply just not satisfied with the swiftness of downloading lots of reports at once? Jet Express can do this. In fact, you can download 20 pre-built Excel report templates, right away.

Want more instant gratification? Push one button, and refresh your data instantly. Real-time data is essential for success and keeping an efficient work place. Jet Express allows up-to-the-minute, real-time data updates from your Microsoft Dynamics GP database.

This is a recent piece of news, so there will be more updates as the weeks go on. Jet Express for GP is set to release sometime in the next month. Keep watching the KTL Blog, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our comparison sheet, here.

ELIZABETH MORIS | Marketing Lead

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