ISV Spotlight: NonProfitPlus

Non-Profit Organizations have a complex relationship with technology, especially depending on one’s size and the resources available.  We’ve never met a social entrepreneur that has formed a not-for-profit with the end goal of using technology to streamline business processes and  administrative functions.  Non-Profits start as a thought, an idea to create a system that will provide a solution in a community.  Here at NonProfitPlus, we come into contact with organizations that provide noble services such as housing for the homeless, after-school programs for at-risk youth, and life-changing support for recovering addicts.  Their ambitions are admired, their tasks are never-ending and their self-motivation is inspiring.  There is no doubt that these organizations leave a positive mark on communities both near and far.

           Although NPO’s are both impactful and inspiring, they are burdened with a myriad of administrative tasks, including maintaining accurate financial records and reporting on the monies they receive.  The goal of the NonProfitPlus Financial Suite, powered by Acumatica, is to couple top-notch technology with accounting functionality that NPO’s need and desire.  As a not-for-profit organization, your reporting and recording needs are specific and shouldn’t require hours of workarounds that you or your staff must implement weekly.  Your time should be spent accomplishing your mission and reason for existence, not bending and flexing old or under-performing software to complete even basic functions to manage your finances.

NonProfitPlus powered by Acumatica provides end users with a host of benefits that are foreign to many financial administrators.  Our software is accessible from any browser on any device, removing the requirement to be tied to a desktop in your workplace.  As a browser based system, NonProfitPlus is lightning fast, pulling only the information you request to see at any given time.  Multiple users can be logged in simultaneously and make updates in multiple screens.  In addition, you no longer need to call up your software provider to add additional users.  NonProfitPlus powered by Acumatica believes that everyone in your organization that has a need to analyze, enter or manipulate data should have access to the system, so we give you an unlimited amount of users for which you can create and define permissions.  As a cloud ERP system, we offer flexible licensing and hosting options.  For those organizations without an IT department, we can host your data in a secure cloud.  Larger NPO’s with more resources can easily host their system on-premise.  You are also given the option of enrolling in a yearly subscription or purchasing the license for the software.  We’ve spent years developing the technology to be scaled and customized exactly how each organization desires.  No one here is asking you to fit into a mold of how your accounting software “should be” run.  We empower you to make these important decisions.

Our technology is great, but our non-profit functionality is even better.  Pulling reports has never been easier.  From most of our screens, we allow you to pull data into excel, print and request approvals without every leaving the system.  NonProfitPlus provides financial administrators with the most up-to-date information to make important decisions about their organization.  There is, however, more than meets they eye.  You will find certain functionality running in the background of our software, helping you to maintain balance to your funds and keep accurate financial records.  We have exerted great energy to add the following functionality:  Fund Accounting, Encumbrance Processing, Grant Management and Fund Management.  The needs of your organization are unique and require a system that was built with this in mind.

The Non-Profit industry is going through a period of great change.  On one side, more and more students are graduating college and desire to work for or start a non-profit organization.  Our society has never been more socially conscious and responsible than we are today.  On the other hand, technology, including cloud technology, is revolutionizing the way that people complete tasks while on the job.  Information is more accessible now than ever and the means for recording and reporting financial information in 2014 is vastly different than how we’ve completed these tasks in past decades.  Allow your non-profit to tap into resources such as NonProfitPlus for your business needs, so that you and your people can focus on the good work that you have set out to do.

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