How to Take Full Advantage of Your Free Dynamics 365 CRM Trial

Tempted to try Dynamics CRM, but not ready to fully commit? Lucky for you, there is a free Dynamics CRM trial where you can test everything out before making the big decision. Not only will you learn how to set up a free 30-day Dynamics CRM trial but see how you can take full advantage of the free trial too before spending a penny on Dynamics 365 


Setting Up the Free Trial  

Prior to setting up the Dynamics 365 trial, you need to choose or prepare your Microsoft tenant. The Microsoft trial will not work on an unmanaged tenant. If you fall into this category, you will need to convert it to a managed tenant. If you are already in a managed tent, simply request to install the Dynamics 365 trial there. If you have a Microsoft tenant, then you can set up an Office 365 trial that can create its own managed trial tenant automatically.  

After securing a suitable tenant, it’s time to install the Dynamics 365 on your tenant. To install the trial, click here and choose from the different apps you would like to try out. There are several different apps to choose from such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Central, Field Service, etc. When landing on the trial landing page, you will be asked to enter your work email and phone number. Follow the prompt to activate your free trial. This Microsoft article shows a step-by-step guide of what to expect at each stage.   

With this free trial, not only will you be able to probe through the app, but you will also have full functionalities of the software. This means you can customize and import your own data and test out the features to see how it can meet your unique operational needs. In addition to the full set of functionalities, the free trial also includes up to 25 licenses so others in your organization can also test out the trial at the same time 


Areas to Focus on During the Trial 

Focus on the most important areas to your organization first; the features that first made you take an interest in Dynamics 365. If leads and opportunities are what you are interested in learning about the most. Focus on that, make sure you understand it, test it out several times, and experiment with all the different things you can do. 

After testing out those important components, explore what else CRM has to offer. As a CRM user myself, I came across several things I never knew about that has become extremely useful in my daily work routine once I started exploring CRM more. One example is Outlook integration that I highly recommend everyone to check out. By using Outlook Integration, you can track emails back to CRM for easy, convenient client communication management.   


By the end of the 30-day free Dynamics 365 trial, you should have gained a good overview of the various functions Dynamics 365 CRM can offer. Like any other trial, you have the option to end it or convert your trial to a production environment by purchasing a paid subscription. If you do opt for the paid subscription, you will not have to start all over again because any of the data you’ve already imported will remain in the tenant.  

If any questions arise during your Dynamics 365 trial exploration, KTL Solutions has a team of consultants that are readily available to provide our expertise. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, we pride ourselves in our consultants’ broad knowledge on a range of technology solutions in different industries.  

If you are interested in learning how KTL’s decades of consulting experience can help support your integration journey, schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation with us today.

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