How To Process A Sales Return On A Sales Invoice

  1.     Create a sales batch : go to Sales / transactions / Sales Batch
  2.     Go to transactions
  3.    Type/Type ID = Return / Return
  4.    Document No : Auto populate
  5.     Customer ID = select the cust number
  6.    Date = return date
  7.  Go to Additional and select Create Return 
  8.  Type ID = RTN
  9.  Reason Code = you can create reason codes if you want (not a required field)
  10.  Customer ID = This will populate from the header
  11.  Origin / Sales Document = use the look up to select the sales document
  12.  Select the document id and select
  13. heck the items that you want to return you do not have to mark everything
  14. You can also change the Return Quantity if only a partial return
  15. Select post
  16.  Save the return
  17. Close the Sales transaction entry window
  18. Open the Sales batch / Sales / transactions / Sales Batches
  19. Select the return batch
  20.  Post
  21. Apply the return to the original invoice
  22.  Sales / Transactions / Apply Sales Documents
  23. Customer ID = The customer you entered the return under
  24. Type = Returns
  25. Document No = User the lookup and select the return that you created
  26.  In the bottom select the invoice that the return is for
  27. Select OK
  28. This process simply removed the receivable from the customer these steps do not open the original Sales order.  Once a Sales order is processed to an invoice there is no way to open that order.
  29. To create a new invoice for the correction you can copy the Sales order into a new order for what was returned and create a new invoice from there.
  30. Open the Sales batch / Sales / transactions / Sales Batches
  31. Create a new batch for the new order
  32. Select transactions
  33. Type / type id = Order /
  34. Document No = auto fill
  35. Customer ID = the customer for the order
  36. Date = order date
  37. Go to Actions / Copy
  38.  Document Number = the order you want to copy
  39. Mark any info on the bottom that you want to copy over
  40.  Select Copy
  41.  The order will be created
  42. You will see a yellow triangle on the lines under qty ordered
  43. You need to open the blue arrows to expand the item detail and if you do not need to purchase the item you can put the qty to invoice = qty ordered and qty fulfilled = qty ordered.  If you want to purchase these items you can make qty to invoice = 0 qty to back order = qty ordered.
  44.  Save your SO
  45. You now have a SO that you can purchase / invoice

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Colleen graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from California State University San Bernardino. She has extensive accounting experience over the past years working as staff accounting and controller. Colleen has over 10 years Great Plains experience which includes many implementations for private companies. She also has extensive experience with Business Intelligence, budgeting and report writing while working on BI360, QuickBooks, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Timberline and Solomon. Colleen has worked in various industries that include: real estate, property management, timeshare sales, publishing and insurance. These various industries have given her the necessary experience to handle large company consolidations and report writing, budgeting and forecasting, project accounting, sales invoice processing, and fixed assets.

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