How to increase profits and sales using CRM

Many times business executives get caught up in the details and miss the big picture. How do I increase sales, profits, and productivity? The answer might be right on your computer. Using Dynamics CRM, many options are available to easily and quickly increase your company’s bottom line. Catching the attention of the Executive or Business owners in how to achieve better sales and profits and make more money is sometimes easier said then done. CRM is a company wide tool using technology to support a business strategy to improve, analyze and automate company sales, customer services, and marketing by combining them to improve the sales and profits of the company.  

Here are some examples of how CRM can help your business: 

1) CRM can be used to increase revenue and customer base. Selling processes and new avenues can be explored to seek new markets and expand existing client penetration, facilitating sales growth for both new and existing clients. 

2) Reducing costs (the enemy of profits) and ROI can be quickly analyzed in your CRM database. The results can be quick and profound as they can be utilized going forward. 

3) Sales efficiency, a bane to many companies, can be analyzed and maximized to increase the bottom line. Implementing CRM and using it properly will increase sales volume, improve sales forecasting, closing sales and productivity will also increase, sometimes dramatically. 

4) How to manage your every day tasks and also scheduling future business needs is helpful in forecasting for managing budgets and personnel needs. This will maximize cash flow and minimize disruptions in terms of budgeting and scheduling. 

5) How can I increase my client’s satisfaction and repeat business? Using CRM effectively businesses can determine what draws prospective clients in and keeps them while enticing them to make purchases. Managing the existing client database and utilizing those sales techniques and ideas that succeed will eliminate ineffective processes while enhancing and emphasizing techniques that do succeed. 

6) Using the communications tools within CRM firms are able to communicate between various departments, accounting, marketing, sales, etc. to combine strategies for more streamlined and effective utilization of business assets. This quick efficient use of communication and strategies allows ideas to become reality faster with greater and more accurate input. 

7) Management has the ability to view sales and product reports and various elements of the business to implement effective changes to facilitate a more cost-effective approach to improving the bottom line quickly utilizing up-to-date accurate information. 

8) How to access these new tools available in CRM programs is directly related to the software program chosen and how effectively the implementation, customization (if necessary), and training of the employees is done. The simplicity/complexity of CRM and how to best use this tool must be carefully orchestrated between the company implementing the CRM and the software solutions firm installing and training the employees on it’s use. 

In summary, it is imperative for top executives and business owners to understand and recognize the value of how CRM can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively increase the bottom line results for your firm. How to get the maximum results and to choose the best program for each company can best be determined through a careful analysis and demonstration of CRM programs. Discovering how to use CRM to help your firm before your competition is a decision a smart executive/owner will make quickly to stay at the forefront of their market. 

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 ALAN SELDIN | Business Development

Alan has extensive knowledge in sales and marketing geared towards a variety of businesses. A graduate of The American University in Washington, DC with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration, Alan’s wealth of knowledge in business sales, executive management, and sales consulting allow a unique insight into optimizing and customizing solutions for specific needs. Utilizing business solutions from KTL, Alan uses a top down approach to evaluate and determine the correct course of action for each client ensuring a comprehensive, cost-effective application, and result. Having served many professional services firms, Alan brings a unique perspective to small and mid-sized business needs.

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