How to Conquer Mass Modification to Price Lists in GP

I recently worked on a project to work with Price List Items in GP, a platform which traditionally is not my forte. The goal was to add existing inventory items to a newly created Price Level which we will call ‘NEW’ for the purpose of this article. The caveat was that the current price method used for existing Price Levels (we will call ‘GENERAL’ and ‘DISCOUNT’) was ‘% of List Price’ and the client wished to track these Price List Items as ‘Currency Amount’. This pushed us to have to make the change via the third party application, Scribe, as a change to the price method through the native import tool is not available.

The first thing we came across was that for each Price List Item the corresponding Price Levels all had to share the same Price Method. Thus we could not have the DISCOUNT level which had a method of % of List Price and our NEW level with a method of Currency Amount. This worked out as we wanted to change the current Price List Items to reflect Currency Amount as well. Unfortunately, when you change the Price Method in GP the value in the Price field for the existing Price Level does not remain the same, it will zero out (if done manually in GP) or reflect the value in the Percent field (if updated through SQL). The price for our GENERAL level on one item which was listed as $300 when the % of List Price was set to 100% showed as $100.  This required us to have to add the price of the product for each existing Price Level as well as our new Price Level on the spreadsheet we were using as our data source for the update/import.

We built out the field mapping in Scribe using the GP adapter which allowed us access to Item Number, Price Method, Price Level, Unit of Measure, and Price fields found on the Item Price List Maintenance Window in GP. One thing we had to make sure of was that the Unit of Measure reflected a unit of measure available on the Item’s U of M Schedule ID otherwise the record would not update. The final issue we came across was even though Price Method was a value we could select to map on the Price List Item the records would not update with the new Price Method. Unfortunately they did update the record and entered the price we had on our spreadsheet in the Percent field which set an item which should have been $125 to 125% of list price. After a while of back and forth with testing we found that we had to run our update of the Price Method on the Item record even though the value is not managed on the Item Maintenance window in GP.

In Summary, to run a mass update of the Price List Items where you want to change the Price Method be sure that the Price Method will be the same for all Price Levels, the U of M is available on the Item’s U of M Schedule ID, and that you update the Price Method first on the Item record before updating the Price List Item.

SCOTT FLORANCE | CRM Business Software Consultant

Scott Florance is one of the CRM Consultants at KTL and has proven his value as a member of the team since September 2013. Whether implementing a new CRM organization or adding to existing configurations, Scott has engaged clients with a positive and enthusiastic demeanor to help them meet their organizational needs. With four plus years of experience, Scott is familiar with CRM as both a power user and administrator. Scott received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Central Florida. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Dynamics CRM as well as a Certified Scribe Technician.

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