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How Much Will a Dynamics 365 Migration Cost You?

Thinking about consolidating your business process and migrating to Dynamics 365? There are number of components to take into consideration when contemplating the big move. One of the largest deciding factors, if not the largest, is the price tag associated with the migration.  


Before determining the cost, however, you need to define the goals of the potential migration. For example, Dynamics 365 Sales can be deployed as an out of the box customer management solution or it can also be built out as a fully automated sales automation tool with links to customer service, finance, marketing, and more. Determine what makes the most sense for your business environment  


The cost of migrating to Dynamics 365 can vary depending on several factors. Some costs are obvious, such as functionality deployments and system integrations, while others are not as transparent, such as data migration. The cost of deploying functionalities and integrating to other systems are easier to calculate because they have set prices.    


Data migration, on the other hand, tend to be more complicated. Depending on the size of the data migration, it can seriously affect the price of the Dynamics 365 migration. As mentioned in the beginning, determining the goals of the migration are essential because it can help guide you in pinpointing the types and quantities of data to migrate to the new system. In my previous blog, Migrating to Dynamics 365, I discussed how to best identify what data to migrate as well as offered advice to avoid a data migration disaster.   


Still unsure if the benefits will outweigh the cost? Another component to consider when migrating to Dynamics 365 is the move to a cloud environment and the advantages that accompany the Cloud. The relocation to the Cloud will not only enhance your system security with Microsoft’s state-of-the-art data centers and provide an atmosphere for better scalability and flexibility, but it can also free up your IT resources for more critical tasks and consolidate all your data together into a single platform.  


There is not a clear-cut price tag when it comes to Dynamics 365 migrations. You first need to identify the goals of the migration and plan the cost accordingly. This, unfortunately, can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Many seek help from external sources to guide them through the process.  


At KTL Solutions, we have facilitated numerous Dynamics 365 migrations and will gladly assist you in your migrationIf you are interested in learning how KTL’s decades of consulting experience can help support your migration journey, schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation with us today.   


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