How Can PaperSave Help Your Organization? and What are the Future Plans for the PaperSave Software?

PaperSave, a software developed by WhiteOwl, is a complete document management, electronic workflow, and transaction automation solution that directly interface with Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and other ERP systems.

The advantages of the PaperSave Document Management Solution are more than just going ‘Green’ and reducing paper.  Here is a list of the many benefits that may be realized by using PaperSave:

·       Using digitally formatted documents decreases the need for filing cabinets and physical storage space.

·       Reduced Procurement-to-Pay Cycle enables companies to process transactions and data more quickly, guaranteeing a quicker ROI on everyday practices.

·       An increase in productivity is obtained by reducing the time spent searching and retrieving documents by as much as 30%.

·       Documents are directly linked to ERP transactions, further making finding documents quicker and more efficient.  Once a transaction is accessed within the ERP system, the user is notified if a PaperSave document is attached and allows direct viewing of the electronic document from the ERP transaction.

·       Improved collaboration between coworkers and colleagues is achieved by storing electronic documents in a central repository to be shared globally in a secure environment, allowing only those users with security rights to access the documents.

·       Workflows provide the means for tracking the historical flow of the documents throughout the ERP system.  This allows for more efficient audits of data and tracking down a document’s history.  PaperSave stores historical information about who handles the document, when it was handled, and what actions were taken on the document.

·       Documents can be easily captured into the system via tools such scanners, emails, file folders, faxes, and direct attachments to existing document.  This provides flexibility for how documents may be entered into the PaperSave solution depending on the source of the document.

·       Using workflows with consistent processes for automated document collection, every employee must stick to standard practices, ensuring that no mission-critical steps are missed and the detailed history is maintained.

·       PaperSave Auto-Entry functionality allows documents to be processed through the PaperSave workflow and integrated directly into the ERP system upon proper approval based on workflow rules.


What are the new features and future plans for PaperSave?

·       Not only does PaperSave offer an on-premise version, but it now also offers the PaperSaveCloud™. PaperSaveCloud™ includes an easy to use, browser-based UI including a Web Forms Creator tool. The cloud-based version will give users quicker access to information and faster workflow processing from web browsers and mobile devices.

·       With the introduction of the latest PaperSave version, PaperSave has enhanced their web and mobile features for workflow management and reporting capabilities, providing additional flexibility and functionality for the users.  This allows the users to access and process their data anytime and anywhere, leveraging the document management systems to ensure mission-critical information is secure and accessible at all times.

·       PaperSave is tracking the latest software trends and is addressing the needs of their clients.  The latest trends currently being addressed are:

o   Cloud Computing

o   Robust Workflows

o   Integration with Mobile devices and Browser functionality


ANDREW FRASER |Senior Business Software Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant, Andrew is responsible for the implementation and support of CRM, GP, and other Microsoft products assuring that our solution scoping, architecting, and delivery meet and exceed customer expectations. He helps clients analyze their current business processes and provide them with process improvements. During his time at KTL, Andrew has built lasting relationships with clients by understanding their business needs and provided value by leveraging their existing resources. Andrew has more than nineteen years of experience in implementing business software for a variety of industries including service, government, distribution, not-for-profit and manufacturing. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math with concentration in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from St. Andrew’s University in Laurinburg, North Carolina. His experience includes helping companies embrace technology to fulfill their organizational needs and creating innovative solutions using CRM, GP and other Microsoft products.



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