Error Installing CRM 2013 After Test Upgrade to CRM 2016

In keeping with best practices, I always like to test my modifications and upgrades before Go Live. For me, it helps with reviewing the steps and recording them so I have a smoother path as well as allowing me to review any issues that might come up and resolve them in advance or at the least be aware of them so I can prepare corrective action to help with that smooth path.

Recently I was upgrading a client from CRM 2013 to CRM 2016. My steps were as follows: I installed 2013 on a new server and upgraded it to the version of my test DB. I migrated my test DB and imported the org into my new environment. I upgraded to CRM 2015 and then to CRM 2016. Yes, there were a few snags, but they were minor. Overall I would say that my test was successful. We decided that the servers I completed the test upgrade on would end up being the production environment and I had another successful upgrade of the test environment elsewhere. Since my original testing space was now going to be production, I wanted to get everything prepped. I uninstalled CRM 2016 and started to install CRM 2013 again. About halfway through the installation, an error popped up that I hadn’t seen before in my test upgrade, so I was a bit surprised.

“Action Microsoft.CrmSetupServer.RegisterVssWriterServiceAction failed. Unable to Query service status.”

It took me a while to find it, but apparently, this message is a result of an issue with a CRM 2016 value being retained in the registry. I found someone who recommended deleting the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{8D00FAB4-94D3-476C-9153-E8D7243F51CA}\InprocServer32\ but when I retried the install it still didn’t work. I noticed there was a folder as well and so I deleted that key also. This apparently did the trick as my CRM 2013 install was able to complete and I had no further troubles with upgrading to CRM 2016 with the production.

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Scott Florance is one of the CRM Consultants at KTL, and has proven his value as a member of the team since September 2013. Whether implementing a new CRM organization or adding to existing configurations, Scott has engaged clients with a positive and enthusiastic demeanor to help them meet their organizational needs. With six plus years of experience, Scott is familiar with CRM as both a power user and administrator. Scott received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Dynamics CRM, as well as a Certified Scribe Technician.

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