Creating, Printing, and E-mailing Customer Statements in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Customer statements are an integral part of your ERP system. Statements can be generated and printed based on variety of criteria. Check out the steps below for assistance with creating statements based on your individual requirements.

Creating Customer Statements in Microsoft Dynamics GP

To print the statements for customers, the user must first set up the criteria required for the statements.  To create the criteria and print the statements, the user should follow these steps:

  • Select Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – Routines – Sales – Statements

  • Enter the Statement ID
  • Enter the Statement Description to define when and which customers the statement applies to
  • The Address ID should auto fill in once the initial parameters are entered. The address may be changed based on the statement requirements
  • Select the form for the statements: long, short, side, user-definable, blank paper, short continuous, side continuous, multi-currency long, or multi-currency blank.  Each of the form types can be customized using the report writer to format the statement based on your requirements, including adding your company logo.
  • Select the Customers sort order: The options are Customer ID, Customer Name, Class ID, Customer Type, Salesperson ID, Sales Territory ID, Zip Code, or Statement Cycle from the customer card



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