Dynamics GP Workflows – Know Your Options!

Microsoft Dynamics GP has had workflows since 2013 R2. There are many benefits of having an electronic approval workflow in or integrated with Dynamics GP. Here are some of them:

  • It eliminates errors.
  • Approvers are empowered to delegate to others when they go on leave.
  • It eliminates paper approvals and the time spent on chasing approvers to append their signatures to authenticate approvals.
  • There is no need to log into GP. Approvers can approve or reject easily and quickly by simply clicking on an email link which updates automatically in GP. Requires Web Services to be installed if you’re using Dynamics GP workflows.
  • Notifications are sent once approved.
  • Workflows can send a reminder email in case an approver misses the notification email.
  • It enhances visibility by enabling staff members to confirm the status of all items awaiting approval.
  • It creates a business process flow, ensuring consistency.

I’ve implemented both Dynamics GP workflows and ReQlogic’s system.  Dynamic GP’s workflows are great for simple workflows without several steps or conditions or the need for customizations.  ReQlogic’s solution is much more dynamic and flexible.  Let’s look at some of the basics around Dynamics GP’s workflows first.

Dynamics GP Workflows

In Dynamics GP 2018, the following are the available Out-Of-The-Box workflows:

  • Purchase order approval
  • Purchase requisition approval
  • *Purchase Receiving workflow
  • *Purchase enter/match invoice workflow
  • Project timesheets approval
  • Project expense report approval
  • Payroll timecard approval
  • Employee skills approval
  • W4 approval
  • *GL Account approval
  • General Ledger batch approval
  • Vendor approval
  • *Additional EFT/Bank Details to Vendor approval
  • Payables batch approval
  • Payables Transaction approval
  • Receivables batch approval
  • *GP2018 new workflows

Know Your Dynamics GP Workflow Prerequisites

  • The new Workflow includes a functionality to remotely approve a workflow step, this requires web services.  Remote approval is not required as workflow approvals can be completed from within the Microsoft Dynamics GP user interface.
  • The new Workflow includes a functionality to escalate an overdue workflow step and requires that the SQL Server Agent is running.  Escalation of overdue steps is not required, but additional review of pending workflows will be necessary if it is not used.

Dynamics GP 2018 Workflows Added Email Reminders and Reporting

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 workflow reminder emails can now be sent to users who have a workflow transaction pending their approval.  A new Option for Reminders will be available under each Workflow Step in the Workflow Maintenance window.

In my example below, the assigned approver has 8 hours to approve their assigned task. When there is 1 hour remaining until the Approval is due, they will receive a reminder email.

There is a Workflow Transaction History Detail report feature that users can put to use in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Users can sort by Due Date, Workflow Type, Completion Date, or Workflow User. The user can also add restrictions or workflow comments to the report.  Additionally, before Dynamics GP 2018, I created the below SQL view and used SmartList Designer to provide workflow reporting.


Learn More on How to Set Up Dynamics GP Workflows

Derek Albaugh Blog Post Series

ReQlogic’s Workflow Solution

Unlike most ERP systems, ReQlogic’s workflow functionality enables advanced routing – providing the power behind each of our main functions areas: Requisitions, Invoicing, and Time & Expense Management.  Here are some of the things I like most about the system:

  • Ease of installation.
  • Flexible routing policies with the ability to have nested and parallel approvals.
  • Ability to create a routing policy that allows one department to submit requisitions/invoices for another department and the approval of the transaction going to both departments
  • Ability to create additional SSRS reports and embed them into the ReQlogic web site
  • Ease of customization to meet your business process.
  • Integrated to Dynamics GP Encumbrance Management functionality.
  • Vendor Portal web site so vendors can submit invoices for payment, respond to RFQs and so much more.
  • Ability to install services associated with email addresses for automatic processing of vendor invoices into ReQlogic with email notifications so Account Payable staff can review and approve.
  • Ability to start requisition approval without associated Dynamics GP vendors or inventory items.
  • View of all recent transactions
  • ReQlogic Administrator ability to customize screen views for the following screens:
    • Budget Maintenance
    • Conversation Priority
    • Conversation Type Setup
    • Conversations
    • Credit Memo Header
    • Credit Memo Line
    • Department Setup
    • Dimension
    • Doc Import Review
    • Expense Header
    • Expense Line
    • PO Invoice Header
    • PO Invoice Line
    • ReQlogic Catalog
    • Requisition Header
    • Requisition Line
    • RFQ Supplier
    • SharePoint Doc Library
    • Timesheet Header
    • Timesheet Line
    • User Preferences
    • User Setup
    • Vendor Portal User Setup
    • Vendor Request

Want to Learn More About Workflows?

This is just tip of the iceberg on what ReQlogic can do, schedule a demo with KTL Solutions for either Dynamics GP workflows and/or ReQlogic.

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