Dynamics CRM Online: Your Vision – Your Solution

Gone are the days when an organization’s sales department needed to adapt its business rules and processes to what software solutions dictated. Gone, are the days where “freedom and flexibility” meant paying an exorbitant price for a customized solution. Welcome to tomorrow, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

With increasingly diverse product offerings, expanding sales and management teams, and a broadening portfolio of international partners, one particular award-winning global organization turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and KTL Solutions.
With a mobile sales team located in multiple offices and international departments, a solution was needed to provide intercompany visibility and communication. CRM Online is a browser-based tool which can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection; so sales reps in Chicago and the management team in DC both have visibility into live and up-to-date sales information.
Easy reporting and dashboard tools were needed to track their unique sales criteria over time. But, most importantly they needed a CRM system that could easily be designed and configured around their unique business processes. Using Dynamics CRM’s robust workflow tools, we were able to mold and configure a system to match the way they do business; rather than letting a software system dictate what their business processes should be.
Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, KTL Solutions delivered a CRM solution that not only solved the challenges of an industry-leading company, but did so in an economical manner which helped this company announce a record breaking 2012.

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