Distributors Serve Online Customers More Effectively with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are your customers expecting more information and services delivered through the web?  Distribution companies who don’t get ahead of customers wanting to conduct business over the internet are losing out to online competitors. You can change all that and make it easy for your customers to do business with you online.

Eliminate reentry of your online orders

Integrating your online shopping cart with Microsoft Dynamics GP allows your customers to place through the web with the information flowing directly into the back office. Electronic payments via credit or debit cards integrate through receivables or sales order processing. Online storefront and third-party marketplaces can be synchronized with Dynamics GP on the schedule of your choice.

Update Catalogs without IT Involvement

Would you like to offer more information to your customers, but find it difficult to do quick updates?  Commerce Services for Dynamics GP allows you to build and publish new sales catalogs on demand.

With Commerce Services for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you can expand your sales across multiple online channels. Connection points facilitated by Microsoft, provide access to storefronts, online auction sites, and marketplaces. Easy-to-use tools and templates help you target specific channels and create new sales catalogs quickly..

Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP takes out the delays that working with overburdened IT teams can cause.  The online merchandising is secure, highly available and directly integrated into your Dynamics GP back office inventory, sales, order, and payment processes.

Find out more about how to expand your distribution through the web with Microsoft Dynamics GP and the DC area distribution expert, KTL Solutions.  Contact Gary at gfrancart@ktlsolutions.com or 866-960-0001 x207.

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