Deleting Dynamics-GP Users in version 10

Sometimes you will have an orphan user in Dynamics-GP that you cannot delete the user.  You look in SQL and see that the login doesn’t exist and you also check the database and the user is not associated with the database.  To remove the users

  1. log into SQL Studio Manager
  2. Create a new query window
  3. Set the database to DYNAMICS
  4. Execute the following scripts
    •     DELETE DYNAMICS..SY01400 WHERE USERID = ‘<User_name>’
    •      DELETE DYNAMICS..SY10000 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'
    •     DELETE DYNAMICS..SY60100 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'
    •     DELETE DYNAMICS..SY10500 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'
    •     DELETE DYNAMICS..SY10550 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>

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