CRM Internet Facing Deployment: Next Button Error

To make Dynamics CRM available to your users, you always configure an Internet Facing Deployment (IFD). We do it for every implementation, so it has become pretty routine to go through the Claims Based Authentication (CBA) and IFD using the setup wizard provided in the Deployment Manager.

Recently while working on a configuration, we ran into a brick wall and could not step through the wizard. When we got to the stage to enter the external domain for IFD servers, we were unable to move on to the next step. The value in the field is always auto-generated and is usually auth.<yourdomain>.com. For some reason though the value in the field was blank. Efforts to simply type in the value did nothing to toggle the availability of the Next button.

After a fair amount of troubleshooting and review, the answer was discovered in the MSCRM_Config database. As this was related to IFD, we took some time to look at the FederationProviderProperties table. On this table, we located a row for ExternalRelyingPartyPassiveIdentifier which had an NVarCharColumn value of uri:ifdMicrosoftCRM. To correct the issue, we changed this value to ‘https://auth.<yourdomain>.com’. (Keep in mind that Microsoft does not support modifying the database manually in SQL.) After closing the Deployment Manager, performing an IISRESET on the application server, and re-opening the Deployment Manager, we were able to proceed through the setup as normal.

[avatar user=”sflorance” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /]SCOTT FLORANCE | Business Software Consultant

Scott Florance is one of the CRM Consultants at KTL, and has proven his value as a member of the team since September 2013. Whether implementing a new CRM organization or adding to existing configurations, Scott has engaged clients with a positive and enthusiastic demeanor to help them meet their organizational needs. With six plus years of experience, Scott is familiar with CRM as both a power user and administrator. Scott received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Dynamics CRM, as well as a Certified Scribe Technician.

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