CRM = Create, Reach out, Money

Business today requires fast, accurate action, not reaction. Many of the features available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help facilitate those goals and lead to overall success in your business. This is more imperative than ever in today’s instant gratification world. Dynamics CRM has multiple features to help accomplish this….fast!

The Outlook configuration wizard in Microsoft CRM features a newly redesigned process; both speeding up and simplifying the set up integration with Outlook to facilitate seamless business applications and functions. Reducing costs and streamlining the ability to effectively reach out to clients and potential clients is now quick, easy and cost-effective. Syncing these two programs enables users to more efficiently add meetings, schedule tasks and create fields to market and promote goods and services.

Dynamics CRM app for Outlook makes integrating capabilities for client tracking, emails, and database records fast, accurate, and customizable for the exact requirements to your specific needs. Custom forms are easily accessible, as are new task fields and additional contacts. Dashboard views and building a personalized home page streamline your CRM database and offer concise, rapid access to bundle pricing for goods and services allowing for easy decisions by potential clients. Cross-selling, add-ons, and product enhancements allow easy access to your market. From all of this, sales teams, management, and appropriate company personnel ensure that client needs are met.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM improved search functions enable users to quickly locate information they are searching for. CRM’s magnifying glass allows this icon to easily speed searches for relevant content. Global searches and the Advanced Find icon enable a broader more effective search to further refine and speed accurate data and information. Search filters have been enhanced for more precise identification of data search identification.  Wildcard (*) and keywords searches allow the most specific data mining of information to find records over your entire database management system. Speed and accuracy combine to reduce cost, ensuring effective and accurate management of relevant search results.

Quick Forms, another feature in Dynamics CRM, allows users to update and create one or a multiple of records from CRM using only one screen. New accounts and adding additional subsidiaries or branch accounts is streamlined and quick. Branching logic and Quick Forms will speed the accurate formation of CRM accounts. This will also allow rollup fields to precisely determine the most efficient way to reach clients and prospects.

Dynamics CRM has progressed rapidly ensuring more accurate client satisfaction and cost-effectiveness while increasing net profits and ROI. The more advanced, quicker and accurate Business Intelligence becomes the more explosive is the growth potential for your business and your ability to meet those goals. As a Senior Executive Business Development Consultant at KTL Solutions using the most comprehensive and advanced CRM tools available fully integrated into the Microsoft platform makes the most sense to attain and exceed your goals to excel in your business today.

ALAN SELDIN | Business Development

Alan has extensive knowledge in sales and marketing geared towards a variety of businesses. A graduate of The American University in Washington, DC with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration, Alan’s wealth of knowledge in business sales, executive management, and sales consulting allow a unique insight into optimizing and customizing solutions for specific needs. Utilizing business solutions from KTL, Alan uses a top down approach to evaluate and determine the correct course of action for each client ensuring a comprehensive, cost-effective application, and result. Having served many professional services firms, Alan brings a unique perspective to small and mid-sized business needs.

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