Compare Your Reporting Tools: Management Reporter, BI360, and Jet Reports

KTL Solutions wants to keep you in the loop! This is our follow up blog from “Microsoft Announces the End of Management Reporter” and from “Jet Express for Excel, The New Management Reporter.”

The shock is over. Management Reporter is no longer supported after 2026 and a new replacement has been announced, Jet Report’s Jet Express for Excel. But what does all of this mean? How do you know what you should move to; where you are at; what Management Reporter had compared to this new release; and why is Solver’s BI360 being brought into the conversation?

I would like to say we are making it towards the “acceptance” stage in our grieving process. This stage includes the exploration of new options, all of which are explained in our information comparison sheet. Click here to download this sheet. 

Compare Management Report to what is given for free within Microsoft Dynamics GP, the upgrades available, and to Solver’s BI360 packages. Figure out where you are and where you want to go. Do you currently have Management Reporter? Where you in talks about it and then got slammed with the news? Have BI360 and want to know what else is out there? Why are we comparing? To make sure everything is right at your fingertips to help you make the most informed decision.

News on this piece is slowly coming out, so there will be more updates as the weeks go on. Jet Express for GP is set to release sometime in the next month. Keep watching the KTL Blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates!

KTL Solutions wants you to feel knowledgeable about what is happening with your GP system, and provide you options. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask any of our account managers! You can contact them via [email url=”” class=””][/email] or by calling 301.360.0001.

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