Can Peer Feedback be Your Best Influencer?

Have you ever had that one friend who was always “down with the trends?” He/she would also have the designer clothes, newest kicks, or best hairstyles before any of it even came into your radar, or better yet before it even hit stores. You would, in some ways, look up to them for advice on where to get these items for; where was the best deal or bargain; and what was coming out next so you could try and prepare yourself for it. They were, in a labeling sense, your “influencer.”

Whether you like to think like that or not, some way and in some form you have an ‘influencer’ in your life. The things that they would say, the way they would wear something, the way their business ran or even their overall success would influence you, consciously or subconsciously, on your actions as a whole. For example: Say you are a young, single female. You are at a party mingling with pretty much everyone. You feel confident; you feel liked; you feel in control. Then this other young lady arrives at the party. From the moment she walks in, everyone is staring at her in amazement. They are awestruck by her beauty. You think she looks just like you, and you are right, but she is wearing this amazing black dress that hugs her in all the right places. It just shouts beauty and confidence. And immediately, you think, I need to have that. Without words, without even knowing her, she became your influencer.

The same scenario can be found when shopping around for business solutions. You see or hear your competitor upgraded to the latest model of MSFT GP. Their efficiency has doubled. Their success influences you to look into upgrading. You are shopping for a new AMS system. Fellow Non-Profits are raving about a particular VAR and their past experience with implementations. You are currently going through a nightmare and looking to switch. All this positive talk makes you think that you need to make a phone call. Fast-forward a month or two, you have a new VAR and couldn’t be happier that your influencers helped you out.

Even when you aren’t in the searching phase, your influencer can sway you to do something that you may not have thought about doing. You could be happy with your VAR, happy with your solution (yes there are some things that you want to change or upgrade to, but it’s not in budget.) You have lunch with said influencer and they start chit chatting about something that perks your attention. Now this idea is embedded in your brain. As your days, weeks, or even months go on, you are paying more attention to problems that arise that could be solved by this module or product that your influencer mentioned in passing. It becomes evident that you need that more than you originally thought and thus figure out your plan on how to obtain it.

Influencers work in mysterious ways. They can be that voice in your head telling you that you need to be better, upgrade, etc. They can be your friends that just mentions something out of the blue and in passing but sticks with you as you decipher if it’s something you really need. And they can be a complete stranger that just exudes the confidence you long for. In any form, an influencer has the “powers” to make decisions for you without even knowing. It’s just up to you to know if that influencer and/or decision is in your best interest for the long run or if it’s just a quick easy fix that you want because it’s trending.

If you ever need help knowing if what your influencer says is in your company’s best interest, don’t be afraid to contact KTL at 301.360.0001. We are here to build relationships that last, without beating around the bush.

ELIZABETH MORIS | Marketing Coordinator

Elizabeth is responsible for the development and management of KTL’s marketing department while designing and overseeing marketing operations and campaign planning. With her creativity and design background, Elizabeth maintains KTL’s branding efforts, marketing plans, social media marketing, and performance improvement strategies. She also manages the consistency and fluidity of different collateral mediums making sure KTL’s main image and goal are continuous. Her specialties include graphic design, content editing, event planning, tracking analytical data, public relations, integrated marketing, social media marketing, and print and web design. Elizabeth is proficient in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office. She attained a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications and Commercial Design from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA and a Master of Arts in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Md.

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