Behind The Scenes at KTL Solutions

I have had the fortunate pleasure of growing up around Microsoft Dynamics. My father, Tim Lally, the owner and president of KTL Solutions has spent the better part of his life becoming extremely knowledgeable in the world of ERP and Business Technologies.

Growing up, I always wondered how he worked, the type company he was building, and what sort of impact he was making on the people around him. Now that I am a part of the company, I get to witness this first hand–the professionalism and work ethic he puts forth, the team of specialists he has situated around him, and the respect that everyone, including KTL Solutions’ clients, has for each other. On the occasion when the work is light, I see him sit back and observe how the company interacts. I am always a bit in awe of not only the commitment KTL Solutions makes to our clients, but also the commitment they make to one another in order to create the type of organization they want to work for.

The benefit of choosing not to follow in my Father’s footsteps, but instead, focus my efforts on the more creative side of the business, gives me the privilege to share this with you. The Marketing Department at KTL Solutions wanted to explore the knowledge of all our colleagues, showcase everyone’s unique personality, and allow outsiders to see just how this company and their passion help keep KTL Solutions operating at their optimal efficiency. Because of all of this, we want to take you behind the scenes of KTL.

Let us help you dive into the background of KTL Solution starting with the question, “In one word, how would you describe KTL Solutions?” Click the video below to see just what they had to say.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes videos from KTL Solutions as we bring you closer than ever to the team that helps keep your organization running as effectively as possible.

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