You Aren’t A Part of GPUG?!

If you work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, then you have to have heard about GPUG. It’s inevitable that the acronym GPUG has crossed someone in your financial department’s lips and either you at first didn’t know what they were talking about and googled it, or you instantly knew what they were referring to and continued on with the conversation. But, the question still remains, although you may or may not be completely familiar with it, do you know the extent of how important GPUG is?

The Dynamics GP User Group, also most commonly known as GPUG, is a community in which end users can learn firsthand from others on ways to improve their efficiencies, answer support questions, and continue their educational training on GP. It is fully run “by users, for users.” It’s pretty much the mecca for asking questions to others that hold your same job title or position. The group is controlled to make sure you aren’t getting sales-y advice, but you are getting knowledgeable help. I can’t say it’s free because you do have to pay a membership fee, but as an employee of a VAR, I still feel it’s worth it. I get daily emails of questions written on the forum and their answers. Each email, I see at least one of two people that I know asking questions or networking. But GPUG isn’t just for that.

The community offers different chapters for other solutions such as CRMUG or NAVUG, they offer a yearly Summit and other conferences to help with educational advances and networking, and most importantly, they offer valuable resources that help ISVs, VARs, and of course, the users.

As an employee of a VAR, GPUG helps me in many ways. I can log into the forum and see what topics people are most having trouble with, what is trending, and what people are looking for. I then take these, write blogs that pertain to these problems, and post them out to social media in order to increase click backs, SEO, and overall branding awareness of our company. GPUG also helps by offering me sponsorship levels, speaking engagements, and other networking opportunities.

As a user, GPUG helps in understanding and resolving small issues that may arise while performing my job duties within GP. I post my challenge in the appropriate forum, and almost instantaneously, receive responses that I can help fix my problem. I can also attend the Summit to learn more about my solution and to network with other professionals.

GPUG and its other chapters are an amazing support portal, networking tool, and educational advancement option. I highly recommend reading their magazines and subscribing to their forum.  We hope that you will be taking advantage of GPUGs Summit in Tampa this October. While you are down there, don’t forget to stop by KTL Solutions’ booth (#1118) and say hi!!

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