Are you looking for a different Revenue Management product for GP?

Tensoft Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Suite is designed for software and other high tech firms that have highly complex revenue and/or billing needs. Sophisticated sell-to or sell-through models, complex contractual billing arrangements, compliance-dictated revenue recognition models, and revenue or billing complexity are all managed by the Tensoft RCM Suite. It is a strong fit for companies that utilize enterprise license models, royalty or OEM contract management, complex billing driven by usage and sophisticated pricing terms, large account business management needs or high-level models such as those by the online gaming industry. 
Tensoft Revenue and Deferral Management (RDM) supports sophisticated revenue management from the invoice forward for software or high tech companies that provide internet-based subscriptions or services, or which have an external system to manage billing. The solution targets web advertising or services companies that have sophisticated customer account management built into their web presence, as well as product-based companies that need to segment revenue streams or manage revenue timing. 
Tensoft Revenue and Deferral Management for Distribution Channels (RDM/D) is designed for companies that sell through distribution channels, such as electronic component manufacturers and other companies that leverage distributors and point-of-sale (POS) data. RDM/D’s distributor contracts management, POS data integration, rebate management and insight into channel sales to end customers are invaluable for streamlined, transparent, and effective revenue management.

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