Applying a Dynamics GP Service Pack Issue

I ran into an issue today while applying the latest patch release for Microsoft Dynamics-GP version 10. I installed the patch and everything seemed to be fine. As usual I was required to launch the utilities to update the tables for the schema changes.

I stepped through the screen and then I got to an odd looking screen that had the normal information but the Data Device was set to zero and the Database size was set to zero. It also did not have the name of the database that was being updated DYNAMICS. I thought that was odd but I continued.

Then the next screen gave me a blank screen. I tried this process a few times without success. I ran the infamous DEXSQL.Log and saw no errors. I ran through the process of removing the orphan SY01500 records, SY60100 records, and DB_Upgrade records. Still no success. Then I noticed that it kept asking me to create the DYNSA account.

I then logged into SQL Enterprise and looked at the security and noticed that the DYNSA account was missing. I manually created the login and set the role to db_owner and DYNGRP for the DYNAMICS database and the Company database.

I then logged back into utilities, I wasn’t prompted to create the DYNSA account and the service pack applied properly. There appears to be a problem with the system creating the DYNSA account but no error was returned.

This environment consisted of:

Windows 2003 Server

Dynamics GP version 10

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