Acumatica, The Cloud ERP that truely is Automagic!

We have been an Acumatica partner now for approximately three (3) years and have attended the Partner Summit every year.  It has been a fantastic journey with such a progressive, forward-thinking company like Acumatica.   As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner for many years, we were forced to look for a cloud solution to compete in this changing market place.  KTL vetted several vendors including Netsuite, Intacct, and  We ultimately chose the Acumatica platform for several reasons, but ultimately their strong ties to Microsoft and the Microsoft Technology is what won us over.   It just made sense for us to adapt such a transition tool to the Cloud ERP. Since our decision, the Acumatica solution and team have not let us down.

We attended the Partner Summit again this year that was held in beautiful Broomfield (Denver), CO.   The setting was fantastic. It seemed fitting being in the mile city and having the Rocky Mountains surrounding us every day reaching through the clouds.  There was excitement in the air and to use a word used throughout the conference, it was “Automagic.”  There were approximately 450 attendees this year from new partners to seasoned ones like ourselves.  The consistent message was how the Acumatica solution was killing it in the marketplace.  Customers are choosing the Acumatica solution over other cloud based solutions like NetSuite or Intacct because of functionality as well as the cost effectiveness of their non-user (we don’t care how many users you have) based pricing model.

The conference started out with keynotes from the Executive team talking about the direction of the company as well as the upcoming release, Acumatica 5.0.  The Acumatica solution is growing leaps and bounds with every release and as well as increasingly adding more Independent Software Vendor’s (ISV) to satisfy specific customer requirements and needs.  The beta version of Acumatica 5.0 is available for customers to download today.  A few new features to take note of are:

    • Single Sign on support
    • Full support for MySQL
    • Added actions tab allowing you to do mass updates using check boxes
    • A Business Process Wizard (ex. Allows you to assign tasks internally or externally to customers)
    • Microsoft Exchange (and Office 365) integration including outlook tasks (no plugin/integration tool necessary)
    • iPhone app for entering expenses
    • Mobile integration that allows partners and customers to build apps to expose Acumatica processes to the mobile app.
    • Multi-Warehouse allocation
    • List navigation

And on the ISV’s Perspective, one stood out this year, Azuqua.  This is a web services tool, or rather a platform, that lets you visually create business process spanning multiple cloud services in minutes (  He demonstrated how easy it was to create processes between Acumatica and external applications.  It really looked quite simple.   But there are plenty other good ISV’s coming down the road as well.

The future looks bright for Acumatica and I’m glad KTL Solutions chose this Cloud ERP solution to offer to our customers.  So if you are tired of paying for software, paying to maintain the software, and are ready to take advantage of the cloud, give KTL Solutio

GARY FRANCART | Director of Sales

Gary joined KTL in May of 2005 and has been continuously committed to ensuring a successful partnership and innovation of our customer’s business goals. His priority is to understand your organizational mission, vision, and strategic plan. Gary brings a wealth of knowledge to assist our customer’s product selection and implementation. With a visionary approach, he is able to ensure that KTL meets the ever-changing demands of technology business applications for complete customer satisfaction. Gary has over 18 years of technology sales and leadership – 10 of which were spent specializing in Business Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica Cloud ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence solutions.ns a call at 301.360.0001 and we’ll set up Acumatica to provide you your own AutoMagic experience!

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