Webinar Recap: RPO vs DIY

KTL recently presented a webinar on CMMC Preparedness: RPO vs DIY. This presentation highlighted the five key reasons that using an RPO (CMMC Registered Provider Organization) is better than trying to DIY (Do It Yourself). The speakers and their topics are below.

David Bedard, CMMC-RP, Senior Account Manager, Aerospace & Defense, KTL Solutions

David kicked off the seminar by providing key news and updates from the CMMC-AB including their recently updated FAQs.

David also detailed the May 17 testimony of Jesse Salazar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Mr. Salazar stated, “Recent examples of malicious cyber activity have shown that our adversaries are evolving their exploitation of cyberspace to steal sensitive, albeit unclassified, information from the government and the industries who make our work possible. To protect the whole supply chain, the DoD must promote a culture of cyber-resilience by including requirements for appropriate and effective cybersecurity measures in our contracts and ensuring that these contractual requirements are being met.” A full transcript of Mr. Salazar’s testimony as well as a video of the proceedings can be accessed here.

John Mulhall, CMMC-RP, President of Divergent Solutions Group and Security & Compliance Consultant, KTL Solutions

John did a deep dive on what a CMMP-RPO can provide. He emphasized that a Registered Practioner in CMMC preparedness can save customers time, money and frustration. The five key skills provided by a CMMC-RPO are:

  1. Interpreting CMMC Requirements
  2. Scoping the Extent of Compliance
  3. Performing a Gap Analysis
  4. Creating a Remediation Plan
  5. Preparing Evidence of Security Control Implementation

Disha Patel, CMMC-RP, Account Manager, Aerospace & Defense, KTL Solutions

Disha shared the three current KTL CMMC Preparedness offers on Azure Marketplace and invited government contractors to take advantage of the free one-hour initial consultation.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Gap Analysis
  3. Roadmap and Remediation

Stephen Reid, Director of Sales and Marketing, KTL Solutions

Steve spoke on utilizing Dynamics 365 Intelligent business applications in the cloud to achieve specific goals.

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps are available in Commercial, GCC & GCC-H clouds. They provide end to end customer engagement from sales and service to marketing and can include apps built specifically for government contractors.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS version is deployed in the Commercial Cloud; GCC & GCC-H versions are deployed on virtual machines (VMs) in Azure Government. These Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs can also include apps built specifically for government contractors.


The seminar concluded with a lively Q&A. For your convenience, you may download a PDF copy of the deck or watch the recorded video here. If you have questions of would like to request a consultation, please contact us at info@ktlsolutions.com.

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