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3 Ways to Use Humor in Business

I have always been a fan of comedy since I was young and used to spend my weeknights in front of the TV watching a VHS copy of “SNL: Best of Chris Farley”.  Stand-Up, sitcoms, improv, sketch – I watch or participate in all the current and classic forms, but I wondered if there was a way to incorporate it into my job.  I mean, everyone likes to laugh, everyone could use a good joke, but how do I best utilize humor that not only maintains the respect your organization has built but also gets across a clear message. Here are the 3 points I use when figuring out how to use humor effectively at work.

·      Know your self and your job.

o   Not everyone is going to turn a phrase eloquently or have the comedic timing to elicit a laugh.  If you can make someone laugh, that is great. But more important than that is knowing if your job matches up with the customer’s need for humor.  For instance, a member of the sales team may find that humor not only has a way of breaking the ice with a potential client, but also leaves a more lasting impression with you.  Not many will remember when a salesman came in to pitch a new product, however everyone remembers when that funny guy came in; they talked about it all week.

·      Know the limits.

o   There is a line in the sand when it comes to workplace humor; find that line, approach that line, get really close to that line, but never go past that line.  Comedy is the ability to find the line in the sand of acceptable behavior and then dance on top of it.

·      Put a bull’s-eye on your chest.

o   When it comes to comedy, self-deprecation is the only way to go. This is the most important thing to remember when you are looking at using comedy and humor in your business transactions. The ability to make fun of yourself and point out your shortcomings gives people assurance that, not only is this guy confident in who he is and what he brings to the table but, he is also aware of where he falls flat.


TIMOTHY (TIMMY) LALLY, JR. | Marketing Assistant

Timothy Lally JR joined KTL Solutions in a marketing capacity in the fall of 2011 after graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Marketing. One of the creative forces within KTL since his start, Timothy has helped to organize and market dozens of webinars, has been a driving force in the company’s websites constant growth, and is an integral part in bringing KTL’s annual user conference together. Located in Los Angeles, CA when Timothy is not helping KTL expand its footprint he enjoys creative writing, performing stand up comedy, and supporting the Baltimore Ravens.

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