3 Steps to See if You are Web Client Ready

If you are involved in the Microsoft Dynamics world, in any capacity, chances are you have heard the latest buzzword “web client” quite a bit as of late. However, there are some key factors everyone should know about the web client before you call your VAR and tell them you are ready.

  1. The Web Client uses Silverlight. In GP2013 all users must have Silverlight loaded on their work station. The plans for the next release is to use HTML5 instead of Silverlight, something users and partners are both thankful for.
  2. Not all of your ISVs (third party products) are compatible. Microsoft Dynamics ISVs are constantly trying to keep up with Microsoft’s latest and greatest technology, which is not an easy task. The release of the web client made this even more difficult as some ISVs are not web based at all. While ISVs are considered “add-ons” they are sometimes just as important as the ERP itself. So before you set up the web client, check with these ISVs or ask your partner if they are compatible. If
  3. The Web Client now works across all modules. Microsoft deployed the web client in phased approaches. Meaning, not all functionality was available, which deterred some users from using it. Well now users will be able to use core financials (GL, AP, AR), Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Inventory. They will also be able to use Payroll and HR, Project Accounting, Field Service, and Manufacturing. 

With all this information you may be thinking, there is too much involved in moving to the web client. This could not be further from the truth. It is a very simple install and configuration, usually a partner can accomplish it in about two days. Also, it can essentially replace a Terminal Server or Citrix environment, lightening the load significantly on your IT staff. Users have found it very easy to access on multiple devices and soon it will utilize HTML5 instead of Silverlight, so users will have more browser options.

The Web Client is a great example of where ERP and business applications in general are moving, to the cloud. Today, everyone needs to have information at their fingertips, literally. Today, we check in with our friends, schedule meetings, plan events, check our bank accounts, pay for coffee and do so much more with our mobile devices. This morning I saw a Chevy commercial and ladies and gentlemen they have finally done it, there is now WIFI in your car. We are a generation that is always connected, always on the move, and some are always working. We need our organizations to be mobile.

If you aren’t taking a step towards the cloud you are in fact taking a step backwards. It is time for the cloud and the Dynamics Web Client is a baby step towards it.

Want to know more about web client or get your company situated with this new solution? Contact Mary at sales@ktlsolutions.com or call 301.360.0001.

MARY CHARUHAS | Junior Business Development/Internal Sales

Mary Charuhas has been with KTL since 2013, starting as a sales intern in the summer of 2013 and moving to Business Development and Internal Sales in the spring of 2014. She is currently pursuing her Associates Degree in Business Management from Frederick Community College and hopes to continue her education at the University of Maryland next spring. Mary also possesses several Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica Cloud ERP Sales certifications. Mary assists the sales team in finding new and exciting opportunities. She also manages KTL’s existing customers through providing them with ongoing knowledge of the products, assisting them with upgrades and continuing projects, keeping them informed about updates/new releases, events, and training opportunities. Her charisma and passion for providing excellent customer service make her a valuable asset to KTL’s sales department.

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