3 Reasons Why You Should Continue To Train Your Employees

It is a widespread practice to train staff when a company implements something new.  What is not a widespread practice is to follow up on training when changes to software or a piece of equipment occur.  In this blog, I will go over the different types of training and why they are important to keep up with.

1. When Implementing Something New

When a company implements a new piece of equipment or software, it is important to go through training with all the employees that will be working with it. This is the most common use of training and where companies gain the base knowledge of their new software or equipment.

2. When Upgrading or Modifying Equipment/Software

When a company upgrades to the latest version of their software or equipment, or when a new component is added, training is imperative for those who interact with it. This is an appropriate time to reintroduce the software, but most times during this training, the only covered items are those that are new.  During this training, it is also good to take some time to go over what parts of the software or equipment the company is not using and any new functionality that they can benefit from.

3. New Staff members

Over the years, companies experience attrition, and it is important to pay attention to the new staff members. Sure, when you hire someone new there is short-term training, usually by the person leaving that particular position or the manager going over job responsibilities, however, the new employee still needs to learn the software or equipment as well.  This is a very important type of training that is getting overlooked by many companies.  When a company takes the time to train new employees on the software and equipment that they will be using, it helps the employee understand the process and the business.  This type of training also helps the company, not only because now your newest employee can properly use the equipment, but because that employee may have experience with your particular software/equipment thus allowing a conversation on business processes, improvements, and possibly new SOPs.

At the end of the day, training is the best way a company can improve efficiencies of their staff and gain productivity.  If you as a company show your staff that education is important, your staff will feel empowered and want to do a better job.

KTL Solutions offers a variety of training on-site, at our office, and at events. Interested in putting together a training package for your needs? Contact KTL Solutions today by calling 301-360-0001 or emailing info@ktlsolutions.com.


Colleen graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from California State University San Bernardino.  She has extensive accounting experience over the past years working as a staff accountant and controller.   Colleen has over 10 years Great Plains experience and over 6 years of working with BI360, which includes many implementations for public and private companies.  She also has extensive experience with Business Intelligence, budgeting and report writing while working on BI360, QuickBooks, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Timberline and Solomon.  Colleen has worked in various industries that include: real estate, property management, timeshare sales, publishing, and insurance.  These various industries have given her the necessary experience to handle large company consolidations and report writing, budgeting and forecasting, project accounting, sales invoice processing, and fixed assets.

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