2015 KTL Office Holiday Party

On Friday, December 12th, KTL Solutions continued on with their yearly office holiday party tradition. Renting out a cozy room in an Italian Restaurant not far from their office, the vast majority of KTL employees began filling the space with their significant others trailing behind. It wasn’t long before the open bar was packed to the nines with good cheers and chatter from all that were welcome.

Pleased with the outcome of the attendees (employees, family, friends, and many local clients), Kim and Tim ushered everyone along to tend to their seated 3-course dinners. The room was filled with holiday cheer as the candlelight set a warm and family atmosphere, the food left a delicious aroma lingering in the air, and the laughter reminded us that KTL is a family unit powered by it’s devoted employees.

2014 was a successful year for KTL: Many new clients joined the ranks of our existing; our 9th effective User Conference was accomplished and another one is already in the works; Microsoft selected KTL for a promotional video to be aired in 2015; KTL received different awards for outstanding service in industries and knowledge of business application solutions; and much more. Overall, the year allowed growth in both our company and in our employees.

As recognition for their hard work and overall performance, KTL selects a few recipients for various awards to be acknowledged for their contribution to KTL’s overall growth and presented with an engraved glass award. This year, five lucky recipients took home the awards.

Andrew Fraser, a senior business consultant, received “Top Biller” for the relentless hours spent working on clients needs, helping with support requests, and continuing to keep our clients happy. Mary Charuhas, a junior sales executive who has worked her way up from being an intern, and Andrew Lally, one of KTL’s strong developers, was presented with “Most Improved” for their continued excellence, fast learning, determination, and overall execution of their job responsibilities. Lastly, KTL presented their “Positive Award” to Minal Wad, another strong developer, and Scott Florance, a CRM business consultant, for their constant optimistic outlook on projects even when times are tough, the integrity they have shown our clients, and their ability to not only handle being faced with complex problems but come up with strong resolutions.

The evening came to a close with an inspirational speech by Tim Lally focusing on the success and accomplished goals KTL has delivered in 2014 and our goals for the New Year. As a pleasant surprise and another reminder that all KTL employees are appreciated for their hard work and determination, Kim presented everyone with a gift of wireless PowerBeats2, a favorite among many of our consultants. Last but not least, no one left the holiday party empty handed. Holiday bags filled with KTL branded items such as a comfy throw blanket and mug with hot chocolate were dispersed to clients and employee’s guests for a quick thank you and reminder that all the time employees spend helping clients, it’s the clients and family members that continue to keep us going.

With such a successful holiday party this year, we are eager to see what the New Year brings us. KTL hopes for continued fortune continued growth, and most importantly, continued success.

Happy New Year to all!

ELIZABETH MORIS | Marketing Coordinator

Elizabeth is responsible for the development and management of KTL’s marketing department while designing and overseeing marketing operations and campaign planning. With her creativity and design background, Elizabeth maintains KTL’s branding efforts, marketing plans, social media marketing, and performance improvement strategies. She also manages the consistency and fluidity of different collateral mediums making sure KTL’s main image and goal is continuous. Her specialties include graphic design, content editing, event planning, tracking analytical data, public relations, integrated marketing, social media marketing, and print and web design. Elizabeth is proficient in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office. She attained a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications and Commercial Design from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA and a Master of Arts in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Md.

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