10 Technology Challenges for the Growing SMB: Create Your Vision

Technology and the rapid pace at which it changes is a challenge for all businesses regardless of size.  Although now, the growth of the cloud and cloud applications (SaaS) benefits the Small to Mid-Size Businesses (SMB.)  SMB’s now have access to much of the same Enterprise level technology and productivity solutions that were once only available to much larger companies.

Access to this new technology is leveling the playing field and has empowered small businesses with improved efficiencies, cost savings, business intelligence, and a broader marketing reach. Even with access to these new technologies SMB Owners and Executives still face several challenges as they ramp up operations and grow their business.

For me, these challenges fall into three (3) basic areas – Growing Efficiently – Doing Business Anywhere – Safeguarding the Business.  See my list below:

Growing Efficiently Doing Business Anywhere Safeguarding the Business
Understanding changing technology and how to use it Providing connectivity to all employees Data Protection & Recovery
Managing IT investments & budgets Mobile device support & management Mobile Device Security
Managing Data Growth Connectivity with customers, vendors & partners Regulatory Compliance
Finding IT Staff & Partners

At KTL Solutions, we work with companies of all sizes, from 5 employees to 5,000 employees but regardless of the size of the organization we always try to understand the technology vision for their company.  Not where they are today but where they want to be in the future.  Do they view technology and IT as just a necessary cost or do they see it as an important tool to help them achieve the greater growth, efficiency and profitability goals of the company?  Do they even have a Vision?

For those customers that do not have a defined Technology Vision, we start asking them questions and get them thinking about the goals of their organization and help them bring that vision into focus.  There are numerous technology challenges that must be overcome by businesses of all sizes if they are to succeed.  To navigate these challenges successfully SMB Owners & Executives must develop a basic knowledge of technology, create and define the technology vision for their organization and choose the right technology partner that can steer them in the right direction.

If would like to start the process of Creating Your Vision or need the right partner to help you realize your vision, please contact me at sreid@ktlsolutions.com.

STEPHEN REID | Account Manager

Stephen Reid is a business development representative at KTL Solutions, a full technology consulting firm.  Steve will work with new and existing clients to identify areas where they can better utilize technology to improve processes and increase efficiencies in their organizations.

As a consistently top-performing sales executive, Steve has built a successful career around his ability to assess and anticipate customer needs, identify unique alternatives, and develop and implement long-term solutions. Throughout his more than 25 years of B2B strategic sales and marketing leadership, Steve maintains a genuine commitment to ongoing client service and satisfaction which has allowed him to grow strong, sustainable partnerships.


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