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User Conference 2016: The ERP Track Remains Fully Loaded

KTL Solutions celebrated their 11th annual Empower the User Conference on May 19th at the Microsoft Center in Reston, Va.  This year, as in year’s past, KTL brought 3 unique tracks to the event allowing users to customize their own experience and gain the knowledge they deemed the most valuable.  However, we understand that not everyone could make it to all of their sessions. Below is a breakdown of what you may have missed from the ERP Track at UC 2016.

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The Brite Side of Event Management

One of the most sought after abilities a person can possess in the business world is the ability to recognize potential.  Potentialcomes in all forms.  It can be in the form of an employee, an idea, or a web-based event management solution. The ability to recognize a potential solution when it comes is what sets you apart. Eventbrite, a web-based event management system, is one such solution.  Eventbrite “allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events (event management) and publish them across FacebookTwitter and other social-networking tools directly from the site's interface.”

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Training – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts About It!

Training. It’s essential to any person who strives to be successful. Why? Because training allows you to expand your knowledge and skillset in one or multiple areas so that you can better excel at that particular subject. Many people have different views on training: negative and positive. Whichever they may be, there is always a reason for training. Here, I will list three of the most important reasons you should attend KTL’s User Conference Training on May 18th.

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KTL Holiday Party

Maryland in December brings with it an almost whimsical atmosphere.  From the crisp winter air, the carolers in small towns, and the busy streets filled with holiday lights, it makes every moment have a feeling of happiness towards another successful year. The KTL Holiday party is no different. Employees from across the country fly in to celebrate 12 months of team success with a party in their honor. 

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Power BI- Empower the User Conference Recap

This year at KTL’s empower the User Conference one of the hottest topics was Microsoft’s Power BI. No surprise here after it was one of the most popular categories at Microsoft Dynamic’s Convergence back in March. 

For those who haven’t heard of Power BI before here is a short synopsis. Power BI is an excel add-in tool made up of 4 components: Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, and Power Map. Power Pivot and Query are used for data preparation while power view and map are used for data visualization. These tools can take large amounts of data from virtually any system and harness it for real-time, powerful analytics. One of the huge differentiators of Power BI from other analytics tools is that you can combine resources from multiple data centers. Typically, when people want to see the profitability of an organization they look at the financial data. However, this is not always the only factor, especially in today’s world that is driven by technology and social media. 

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2015 KTL Office Holiday Party

On Friday, December 12th, KTL Solutions continued on with their yearly office holiday party tradition. Renting out a cozy room in an Italian Restaurant not far from their office, the vast majority of KTL employees began filling the space with their significant others trailing behind. It wasn’t long before the open bar was packed to the nines with good cheers and chatter from all that were welcome.

Pleased with the outcome of the attendees (employees, family, friends, and many local clients), Kim and Tim ushered everyone along to tend to their seated 3 course dinners. The room was filled with holiday cheer as the candlelight set a warm and family atmosphere, the food left a delicious aroma lingering in the air, and the laughter reminded us that KTL is a family unit powered by it’s devoted employees.

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Wrap Up: User Conference 2014

KTL Solutions has completed their 9th Annual User Conference and early results show it was the best one yet. With over 100 people registered this year, new speakers, a new location, and the team at KTL Solutions at the top of their game, we were able to make our annual free event engaging, educational, and fun for all that were involved.

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KTL Solutions Continues to Grow

KTL Solutions is a company that is always expanding and adding new innovative minds to the team.  2014 is no different with 3 new, full time employees joining the staff. We not only added new faces, but also increased the functions of already valuable KTL team members.

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