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Mekorma MICR:  What is It and How Can Your Company Benefit From Using It

What is Mekorma MICR?

Mekorma MICR is an enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP that allows your company to print checks in the desired format that directly relates to your operations.  The checks are printed through the same standard check printing practice within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Mekorma MICR adds the layer to pull from the customized format designed within the Mekorma MICR check configurator, rather than the internal GP check configurations, making the check printing process seamless within Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

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Jet Express for Excel, The New Management Reporter

KTL Solutions wants to keep you in the loop! This is our follow up blog from “Microsoft Announces the End of Management Reporter.”

As many people are slowly finding out, Microsoft and Jet Reports have ventured into a partnership to provide Jet Express for Excel.  Jet Express is an Excel-based, financial reporting tool that will not only allow you to create basic reports in minutes, but also ad hoc reporting that will pull from all GP tables. 


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Microsoft Announces the End of Management Reporter

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics user, your world has once again been shaken up. Microsoft announced on Sunday, at their Amplify event in California, that they will no longer develop Management Reporter. Yes, this feels eerily similar to a few years back when they announced that they were sun-setting FRx and replacing it with Management Reporter. Now, don’t let this send you in to a tizzy. Microsoft will continue to support Management Reporter until 2026. However, it’s not recommended to stick with a tool that is no longer going to be updated or enhanced. 

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Third-Party Phobia

If you have ever attended Microsoft Convergence (may it rest in peace) and have walked the expo hall, then you are aware of the hundreds, even thousands of add-on products to Microsoft Dynamics. Any industry, any problem – there’s a product for it. However, some people are still against the idea of using third-party products. Why is that? Here are some third-party phobic myths I hear often.

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User Conference 2016: The ERP Track Remains Fully Loaded

KTL Solutions celebrated their 11th annual Empower the User Conference on May 19th at the Microsoft Center in Reston, Va.  This year, as in year’s past, KTL brought 3 unique tracks to the event allowing users to customize their own experience and gain the knowledge they deemed the most valuable.  However, we understand that not everyone could make it to all of their sessions. Below is a breakdown of what you may have missed from the ERP Track at UC 2016.

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Microsoft Project Madeira

Microsoft recently released the preview of a new Software as a service (SAS) accounting system. This is their first pure SAS delivered system. I decided to take a look at it to evaluate the features available in this system.

For those of you that don’t know, Microsoft has been diving into the lower end of the accounting system going all the way back to when Great Plains designed Microsoft Profit. There has been a fascination with Microsoft to compete with QuickBooks and compete in that market space.

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Get Your Self-Service On!

Do you need to make an immediate or occasional one-time backup of your Dynamics GP databases, or maybe run a SQL job that populates your BI360 Data Warehouse?  Occasionally, you may be performing some month-end closing procedures, post a large, significant batch, or perhaps you are about to integrate a large amount of your Dynamics GP data into your BI360 Data Warehouse.  It’s critical that you make a good set of database backups to use in recovery in case of a failure, in order to refresh your Dynamics GP data into your Data Warehouse without IT involvement.  There are several ways you can create a one-time backup or run other SQL jobs, like refreshing your Data Warehouse for month-end reporting.  Here are some easiest ways, with some of the tools most people are familiar with:

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Dynamics GP Development for Web Client with Custom Rendering

With the advent of the web client, a lot of things have had to change in the way we create customizations in Dynamics GP. VBA is not used with the web client, so right away, all those old VBA customization are going to need to be re-done in Dexterity or Dot Net. Many existing Dot Net add-ons will need to be updated to work with the web client, especially when it comes to rendering the forms for the web client.

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