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Microsoft Project Madeira

Microsoft recently released the preview of a new Software as a service (SAS) accounting system. This is their first pure SAS delivered system. I decided to take a look at it to evaluate the features available in this system.

For those of you that don’t know, Microsoft has been diving into the lower end of the accounting system going all the way back to when Great Plains designed Microsoft Profit. There has been a fascination with Microsoft to compete with QuickBooks and compete in that market space.

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The Two Power Players – Power BI and CRM

At the 11th Annual KTL User Conference, I will be presenting a session on Power BI and Dynamics CRM data.  The main goal is to give users an easy way to present information in a timely and simple-to-understand format.  In the session, using Power BI, we will cover the process of building and accessing refreshable dashboards with information from Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.  In the session we will discuss/demo the following:

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Dear Diary, Why Don’t My Customers Want to Talk to Me?

In today’s tech driven world, human interaction is dwindling more and more. You see it everywhere! People sitting at dinner, staring at their phones; kids walking with headphones on while they look at the ground; professionals sitting in coffee shops with their phone, tablet, and laptop all at their fingertips. One thing is becoming very clear, we want to be empowered by technology and not have to rely on human interaction to get our information. 

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Uploading Customers into Acumatica ERP

One of the most difficult decisions that has to be made during a new system implementation is how much and what kind of data to migrate from your old system to the new. How many years do we bring over? Do we bring over detailed or summarized data? Is it reconciled? We will have access to old system for historical reporting purposes? These are all questions that are posed and answers that are debated during the process of making the decision.

There are, however, a few data decisions where there can be no debate. You have to bring over your Chart of Accounts. You may choose to take the opportunity to restructure your Chart of Accounts or to get rid of inactive accounts but you have to have your Chart of Accounts. The other data requirements are your Employees, Vendors and Customers. There still remains the option of do you add these records via manual entry or do you upload them. Using the manual entry method can provide the opportunity for training, since in the future, you will be adding these types of records one or just a few at a time.

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The Benefits of CRM Systems and Microsoft Dynamics CRM improved Integration with Outlook

My question to you is; why wouldn’t you be using a CRM system?

CRM’s refer to allons between a business and its customers.  CRM systems not only help manage your business and relationships with clients it also provides s number of important benefits to both small and large companies including increasing revenue and decreasing costs.  What business or business owner wouldn’t want to do that?

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