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Best Practices in Properly Preparing Your Company for an Upgrade

At KTL Solutions we have worked with a lot of upgrade projects involving Microsoft business products, including Dynamics GP, CRM, SharePoint, Exchange, etc. In today’s post we will discuss the preparation you can do as a system administrator to prepare for an upgrade of Dynamics CRM. An upgrade project starts early on when we first investigate/review the existing state of the CRM environment. In most cases, we perform an upgrade by migrating to a new instance of SQL server. In case of multiple version upgrades, we do a migration, and then do an in-place upgrade.

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The Importance Upgrading

We often say that accounting systems are “sticky”. Once you find one that works for your business you feel locked in because of:

1. The cost. 
2. The fact that you need it up and running every single day so that your business can function efficiently.

The problem is that most organizations are constantly evolving and changing and re-evaluating their needs. You may now need functionality that was not initially needed when you implemented the system. How do you rectify this without starting from scratch with a new system? It’s actually quite simple; you upgrade your current system. 
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