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7 Reasons You Need a New CRM

Modern CRM solutions are now all the rage and can produce dividends for your company.  Whether it be farming your existing customer base and making sure they don’t leave you for your competition or turning prospects into customers,  Microsoft Dynamics 365 packs the power, intelligence, and ease of use to turn your sales and marketing team into top tier producers.  Here are 7 signs you are due for a new CRM solution.

  1. You are working off of spreadsheets!

Working off spreadsheets limits your ability to make money. First, we all consider time as money, and when you waste hours searching for accounts, names, phone numbers, emails, and notes from the account, you are wasting time and therefore money.  If someone pulled the spreadsheet and started editing the same time as you are, edits would get lost and communicate would become fuzzy.

  1. You don’t utilize dashboards and reports.

How are you tracking your pipeline and success rates? With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you are provided easy to view dashboards for accurate decision making.  When hosting events for prospects and customers, you can accurately track the ROI on your events for future initiatives, easily spot your top performers, and set goals within Dynamics 365 to increase market share.

  1. Your CRM doesn’t integrate with other software.

This is a CRM user’s biggest headache. If the sales team needs to sign into other platforms to access data, you have an issue.  I think we can all agree; the sales team doesn’t belong in your ERP (accounting software).  With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can seamlessly integrate the software with other applications to maximize productivity and eliminate wasted time.

  1. Sales & Marketing don’t use it

If the sales and marketing team aren’t using the CRM platform you have in place, you have a serious problem. Typically, this is caused by a clunky CRM solution.  A CRM that doesn’t match your organization’s unique workflows is pointless.  A CRM needs to be natural to the user, or you are setting yourself up for a big headache and failure.

  1. Poor Mobile functionality

Outside sales reps need to be equipped to manage their customers and prospects on the fly. Having a clunky CRM mobile app prohibits the sales rep from getting the full power of a CRM solution.  A great CRM mobile experience will give the sales rep the power to add information, see prospects and customers around them, and pull accurate information quickly all from their android or apple mobile devices.

  1. Exchange email integration

If you are a company that needs to quickly generate quotes and send them to your customers, Dynamics 365 is the product for you. With the seamless integration between Exchange and Dynamics 365, you can easily produce quotes within Exchange to be quickly emailed to the client.  You no longer need to access your web browser, sign into your account, find the customer, create an opportunity, then create a quote.  This process is all done very quickly via your Microsoft Exchange.

  1. Poor Customer Service

If you are struggling with keeping track of your social media accounts, gathering accurate customer history, and or inaccurate customer data you are at serious risk. Times are changing, and your competition is pulling customers away from you because they have embraced technology as a positive force that will make them MONEY.

At the end of the day it all comes down to money and how this money spent will make you money.  I am always transparent with my clients and prospects, and the truth is if your competition has already implemented a modern CRM solution you are already behind them.  This can be easily changed, KTL is always open to helping you make an informed decision on whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 would be a smart choice for your organization.

CHAD LESCHEFSKY | Account Manager

Chad Leschefsky is an Account Manager for KTL Solutions. Chad holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Management from Shippensburg University. Before joining KTL Solutions, he interned and worked in the telecommunications industry, gaining knowledge on how to be a strong sales representative. Chad currently resides in Baltimore where he enjoys attending sporting events and many other city functions.

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