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Improve Your Custom Software with Test Driven Development

In this blog, I would like to discuss a topic that is often overlooked and not because of lack of available literature, there is tons of materials and books available, but because it really has to do with a state of mind, an open mind and realizing the benefits in the long run. Working as a software developer for the past 14 years has given me a lot of situations and food for thought on how to improve and deliver software that is high quality and well tested.

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How to Add a ‘GO TO’ to a Custom Smartlist

When you open a SmartList and double-click on a line item Great Plains will take you to the transaction screen that is associated with that specific line item.  This is a functionality within SmartList called a “GoTo”.  This function works for all standard GP SmartLists.  

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Custom CRM Reports with External Data

Perhaps you wish to provide your Sales Reps with the Customer Statement from Dynamics GP or a report which summarizes order history. We would be able to use pre-filtering to only pull orders in GP for the Account in question or if your Sales Rep is on the road, still allow them to print out a Customer Statement without having to us a VPN to access GP. Great! So, I’ll just upload the report I created into CRM and be able access my external data. Not so fast.

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