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Jet Express for Excel, The New Management Reporter

KTL Solutions wants to keep you in the loop! This is our follow up blog from “Microsoft Announces the End of Management Reporter.”

As many people are slowly finding out, Microsoft and Jet Reports have ventured into a partnership to provide Jet Express for Excel.  Jet Express is an Excel-based, financial reporting tool that will not only allow you to create basic reports in minutes, but also ad hoc reporting that will pull from all GP tables. 


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Microsoft Announces the End of Management Reporter

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics user, your world has once again been shaken up. Microsoft announced on Sunday, at their Amplify event in California, that they will no longer develop Management Reporter. Yes, this feels eerily similar to a few years back when they announced that they were sun-setting FRx and replacing it with Management Reporter. Now, don’t let this send you in to a tizzy. Microsoft will continue to support Management Reporter until 2026. However, it’s not recommended to stick with a tool that is no longer going to be updated or enhanced. 

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