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laughing coworkers
Jeff Chamberlain

3 Ways to Use Humor in Business

I have always been a fan of comedy, since I was young and used to spend my weeknights in front of the TV watching a VHS copy of “SNL: Best of Chris Farley”.  Stand-Up, sitcoms, improv, sketch – I watch or participate in all the current and classic forms, but I wondered if there was a way to incorporate it into my job.  I mean, everyone likes to laugh, everyone could use a good joke, but how do I best utilize humor that not only maintains the respect your organization has built but also gets across a clear message. Here are the 3 points I use when figuring out how to use humor effectively at work.

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Best Practices for Setting Up and using SmartLists

Many users of Dynamics GP are learning that the best way to get information from GP is thru using a SmartList.  When you open the SmartList menu, you see of the left of all the GP modules.  You can open this folder and see the subfolder, and within each of these subfolders there are default SmartList reports that come with GP.  These reports are marked with a * at the end of the name.  Any user can take an existing SmartList and modify it.  Here are some easy steps to follow to create and customize SmartLists, including setting it up a reminder.

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Tackling the Year: A Jumpstart to Taking Control of Your Leads

The holiday season has come and gone, and with that many people have hit the ground running to start off the New Year. Phones are buzzing, emails are out of control, and vacations have come to a close. It’s also that time of the year where everyone has made their New Year’s Resolution, both at work and in their personal life. Not to mention, if you work in a calendar year rather than a fiscal year, your sales and marketing goals have been set and you are ready to hit them.

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Ugg Boots, Thick Sweaters, and … Falling Lead Numbers?

September marks the first month of Fall and man, do I love Fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, also known as PSLs, are available at the local coffee shops, Ugg Boots are acceptable to start wearing as the chilly weather comes in, and thick sweaters are being stocked in all the trendy clothing shops. We’ve made it through summer and the thick humidity and are now settled back in our offices from our last fling of summer vacations. Many marketing and sales representatives start to think that since summer and vacations are over, their lead generation will soon rise and the end of the year deal closings will be back at it. This isn’t the case though. Logically thinking, summer is the start to what I would consider a downward trend in the market.  

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